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How To Feel Peaceful- Journal Challenge, Day 12

Updated on April 22, 2015


I feel most at peace when I meditate. When I meditate, I turn within and become one with God and myself. I am still, quiet and listening. I breathe deeply to center myself. It is early in the morning when it is still dark outside and the world and house are still asleep. In the presence of God, my mind, body and spirit are calm and all is well. I am balanced. He downloads instructions into my spirit about what to do next, arming me with ideas and direction. I am at peace.

Twin Hearts Meditation

When doing the guided *Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing, the act of sending light, love, peace, joy, forgiveness, hope, faith and all things good generates a sense of peace in being a channel for divine energy to bless the earth, humanity and our loved ones. I pray for every person and every being on the planet. I receive the good that I am projecting into the earth. I am at peace.

*You can listen to an abbreviated audio recording of the Twin Hearts Meditation at the bottom of page when you click on the link above.

Self-Pranic Healing Meditation

The practice of self-healing in guided meditation is also a powerful tool that generates a sense of well-being and illumination. I imagine liquid white healing light of life pouring in and through every cell and organ of my body from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet and beyond into the earth. I am happy. I am filled with love and life. I am healthy. I am at peace.


Meditation Exercises

I also love meditating to the "Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self-Pranic Healing" CD because it starts and ends with a brief series of full body exercises to prepare the physical and energy body for the downpour of divine energy. The exercises take about eight minutes to complete and include eye rolls, neck turns and bends, arm rolls, upper-body twists, hip rotations, semi-squats, bending and stretching, knee rotations, and feet rotations and bends. My body is honored, activated and protected. I am strong. I am at peace.

NOTE: Write Here, Right Now: 30 Day Journaling Challenge day 12 complete. I am grateful!

Be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins

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