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How To Find Free eBooks For Your Kindle?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Do you love eBooks?

Addicted to Reading

Just a little word about people holding back to read books in a digital format. I was the same way but then I started to travel the world all year around and traveling with "real" books is just a pain. So I bought an eReader!

I know love my paperwite from Amazon and I love the fact that I can download brand new books even when I'm in the middle of a Sri Lankan jungle for example.

So Many Free Ebooks? But How To Find Them?


eBooks Are Awesome

The best format to read an ebook is on a paperwhite from Kindle. I do love reading on my Galaxy Note 2 but the moment I'm outside sitting in the sun it's just not possible to read on a shiny surface. See a video about it below!

Free Book Sifter

Continue reading below on how to find free eBooks.
Continue reading below on how to find free eBooks. | Source

And This Is How You Can Find Free eBooks

Check out this new website called Freebook Sifter!

They sift daily through Amazon's free eBook offers and list them on their site. On any given day you can find over 30.000 free eBooks.

Nicely listed under categories and if you are looking for something specific you can use their powerful search.

Also neat is the Daily Added category. There you can find eBook which are not normally free.

LINK: Freebook Sifter

Kindle Paperwhite VS Galaxy Note 2

A Nice Case For Your Kindle Paperwhite

Share Your Free eBooks Favorites With Us

So you have been using Freebooksifter for a while? Did you find some good reads? Willing to share?

Then please leave a comment with the title and name of the Author of the free ebook you enjoyed.

Find Out How To Find Hardcovers For Only 1 Dollar

Find "real" books for only 1 Dollar!
Find "real" books for only 1 Dollar! | Source

1 Dollar Books

Yes! You heard it right! There is also a website listing over 3000 "real" books for only 1 Dollar. They go through eBay auctions and list all books at one dollar and with only one hour left.


Check them out here: 1 Dollar Books


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