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How To Make A Comeback As A Writer

Updated on November 2, 2012

This happens to many and even myself. I was once doing very well as an online writer. I believe I was at the peak of my time and even manage to earn a decent amount daily for some time. ‘Business’ then turned sour and my traffic drop big time. It was hard on me and I decided to ‘take a break’ from writing. Furthermore, I consider that as a blessing as I was extremely busy with my career.

After 8 months of absentee, I decided to come back and I didn’t know where to start. Once being a great writer, starting back was hard. The market and industry had changed more than what I had ever imagine. So what do I need to do to make a comeback as a writer?

Make a comeback the right way
Make a comeback the right way

The first step of making a come back

I know the first step was the hardest. Anyway, I was so determined to make a blast and I believe my determination could even move a mountain! Yes I was that determined and thought hard, real hard on where and how to make a come back. I told myself “Hey, so decide now! Start a free blog at Blogger, continue writing at HubPages or start my own website?”

I knew deep inside that the safest bet was to start writing at HubPages. It is a free writing site (pardon me if I miss out the word ‘best’) which offers Adsense revenue and many other affiliation programs that could boost my side income. But deep inside, I was determined to start my own website and I was seriously thorn in the middle, worst part of all, I even decided Blogger (at one point) as it is a much cheaper way to have a website.

Decide and start moving!

I decided and decided to start my first writing. I still can remember the moment (6 weeks back) where I sit in front of my laptop and wondering what and how should I start. Yes, I decided to start at HubPages but not for long as I have bigger plans…in some way of course.

After blasting about 2 to three articles, I was pretty happy when my fellow followers drop a comment saying they are glad I am back. Right, you have no idea how that touched my heart. Anyway, continued writing for a few more days (yes days only) and I got myself a domain and some hosting.

Set your goal and start building your links!
Set your goal and start building your links!

It was more than what I thought it would be

I am referring to my self hosted, WordPress website which is really hard to maintain. Compared writing at HubPages or Blogger through my experiences, trying to maintain a clean site with lots of high quality content and some pinch of page rank were more than what I could handle. In fact, I remember those sleepless nights I have which I was actually awake the whole night trying to figure out some codex. Insane? I call that deep love!

Hardwork and luck paid off

Roughly after 4 weeks of hosting, managed to hit Google Page Rank and it boost my determination and courage sky high. On Alexa, my site was increasing in ranking and currently is at 3.1 million. Thought could mean a lot but having the ability to increase my ranking by the hundred thousands per day without is certainly something to be happy about.

Wait! It's all over already? That's it?!

Yup, spot on buddy. So, did you learn anything from the reading above? I certainly hope you will but let me do a quick summary for you as below.

Requirements to make a comeback:

  1. Determination
  2. Know what you want to achieve
  3. Focus, focus, focus
  4. Never give up
  5. Work harder!


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  • nicregi profile image

    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Dear Annie gilchrist,

    Thank you for your comment. For me, write whatever you feel you want to write. That will be the best especially when you are starting but if you are getting serious into writing, you should focus more on niche writing. I have written quite a bit on niche writing back in my website. Feel free to drop by (link on my profile) and enjoy yourself.


  • profile image

    Annie gilchrist 6 years ago from perth,w.a

    Its sorta motivational... Any ideas in general on writing'