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How To Make Funny Video Clip

Updated on August 4, 2015

What makes the popular free funny video clips

What makes the popular free funny video clips stand out of the crowd is the consistency. Consumers are not going to look at the same video funny clip day in and day out for weeks on end. The popular vine makers are the ones who produce regular YouTube funny videos even if they are only reasonably humorous. As long as people are getting something new every day, they will be happy to tune in to the channel for a good 5-minute fun break. The humor that is in demand the most is usually light and touchy. The world witnessed how a simple home video of a little boy biting his brothers finger became an all time sensational record breaker funny clip video of all times on the internet. The video was not the most funny yet by far one of the sweetest and the most sentimental showing simply a brothers love. Therefore, nowadays we have tons of couples cashing in on their young children baby talking while simply being itself and acting smarter than their age and their funny reactions to new things. Nothing is more typical and lucrative than a one year olds reaction on seeing identical twins for the first time or a baby repeating meow sounds after his cat. Read More


Moreover, considering what daily funny videos to create one must simply refer to his interests, accessibility, and exposure. Now we all love the fluffy , round eyed cats playing with babies however, if that is not your cup of tea you will not be able to excel in that area. Therefore, if you can’t find a couple who would be happy to lend you their baby and you are not a big fan of cats perhaps there is nothing wrong in finding your own area of interest in the world of funny free video clips. Read More

The key is perhaps to find the topic

The key is perhaps to find the topic/category that while being of interest to the maker is also the interest of a large group of people if one is yearning for a large audience for his utube funny videos. Now teenage boys falling off roller skates hitting themselves on the head may be funny for some sadistic maniac but it is definitely going to scare many mothers and grannies away. Moreover, the jury has confirmed that Tom and Jerry “hammer on the head” humor really is not a healthy thing to watch especially harmful for young minds and quite old school
However, there is absolutely nothing wrong in setting a standard audience for daily funny videos .it is perhaps a good idea as it gives a clear perspective on what to execute and what to avoid while making utube funny videos.


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