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How To Make Money Blogging Tips

Updated on February 10, 2010

Tips On How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging can make you much money. However, you have to know which channels to follow and what to do. There is a group of many bloggers who have not succeeded and this is mainly due to inaccurate or unsound strategies. This article shows you how you can earn money blogging if you do not quit along the way. It can be very difficult breaking ground and making money and you need many virtues to keep the hope alive of gaining and succeeding beyond measure with blogging.  Your blog must be created to bring in cash.

Google adsense is the most common ad program that bloggers use. This is a program by Google that sees online publishers get a fair amount of money when they run ads on their sites. For this reason, the program is paid per click. Many are happy earning a good amount of money with Google and publishers can easily access pointers on how to earn even more from this program.  It is pretty easy to get into the program and all publishers are advised not to let this chance pass. Adsense accounts for some bloggers may be terminated and this should not be the end for publishers.

In most instances, Google terminates accounts of those who violate the agreements. One of those violations is clicking on your ad which is fraudulent but even with termination; bloggers need to look at other options to earn money online.  Chitika is another good way to run ads on your blog and earn money. This is also a pay per click system that will require publishers to have significant amounts of traffic so that they can earn accordingly. There are so many resources on this channel of income and their site will give you the details you need to enter.

You can also opt for affiliate programs with Amazon associates and this will see you sell their products on your site. You can display a variety of products on your site and earn whenever people buy products. It is important to have a strong blog that will have you draw traffic so that you can find the potential clients. Other options are private sponsorships for ads, text link ads, adbrite, infolinks, and bidvertiser and so on. It is possible to run a variety of ads on your blog and have many channels of income. Remember, you need to take time and engage all methods of making your blog popular and authoritative.


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      SEO Indianapolis 6 years ago

      Before, if we hear the word "blogging", the first thing that comes to our minds is a simple hobby of an aspiring writer. From simple hobby and idea of blogging, it became a mainstream tool for creative advertising online. Now, blogging is one of the tools of SEO! Since the number of people who are getting involved in social sites is increasing, it opens door of opportunity for SMEs to promote business products and services through SEO.