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A Humorous Look at Wedding Jitters

Updated on June 15, 2013
The groom fainted!
The groom fainted! | Source

It's been a fairy tale romance and now, after just 2 months, the two of you are about to seal the deal with a wedding fit for royalty. But still, for some unknown reason, you are feeling what would normally be called wedding jitters. You have tried everything to overcome those jitters, but now, 24 hours away from the actual wedding ceremony, your heart has palpitations and your hands turn cold every time you think of saying "I do" to the most wonderful girl in the world.

In a last ditch effort, you decide to think about how your life will change when you are married. "Perhaps," you reason, "when I see how much better and more fulfilled my life will be after I get married, I will stop having these silly jitters."

You start by thinking that you will never be lonely any more as she will be there by your side. You will see her when you wake up in the morning, and she will be the last person you see when you go to sleep at night. You will never be in need of a companion for she will be your constant companion. For every lunch, every dinner, every weekend and every holiday, she will be there with you.

Come to think of it, she will be with you even when you want to be alone. She will be with you even when you want to go on a night out with the boys. Actually, there will be no more nights out with the boys, it will be nights out with the boys and a girl.

Hmmm... you haven't thought about that. And she is super concerned about your health, so there will definitely be no more beer or alcohol as they are hard on the liver, no more soft drinks as they contain too much sugar, no more red meat or coffee, no more WoW until the wee hours of the morning. Come to think of it, there will probably be no more of any of the good stuff as anything good or fun tends to be bad for you.

You picture your days sipping tea with the most wonderful girl in the world, listening to classical music and going to yoga classes. In the evenings, dinner would be something healthy like salad, macaroni, pasta, eggplant and vegetables. After dinner entertainment might be a movie, probably a nice romance where nobody gets killed or murdered but just a nice easygoing story about two people falling in love and living happily ever after.

As the picture of your future life slowly sinks in, you find that your wedding jitters have finally disappeared.... to be replaced by wedding panic!


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    • wandererh profile image

      David Lim 6 years ago from Singapore

      kezan98 - I guess everybody gets it as wedding jitters is not so much about the girl or guy that you are getting married to, but more about the impending and drastic change in your life.

    • kezan98 profile image

      Kerrie Giles 6 years ago from UK

      I think it's natural to get nervous about your wedding, this is a great and useful hub.