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How To Read More Books

Updated on May 25, 2015
Kindle Readers allow you to take your personal library with you wherever you go.
Kindle Readers allow you to take your personal library with you wherever you go.

Everyone would like to read more books, but very few people do end up reading a satisfying amount.

It seems a simple enough enough goal, just pick up a book and start reading right? But once you get caught up in the day-to-day workings of life, a year goes by and you still see that same book with a bookmark on page 10 sitting on your shelf.

Don't be that person - here are some simple tips to help you get more reading into you life:

Set reading goals

Having daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals helps keep you focused and on the right track.

Time based or page based parameters work best for daily and weekly goals and book based parameters work best for monthly and yearly goals.

Buy a Kindle

Kindles and other transportable reading devices are terrific if you are rarely at home - it saves you the hassle of remembering to bring books with you when you can easily store a large number on one device and you'll never go anywhere without something to read.

Go to the library

If you find it hard to get time or find the right place to read then visit your local library when you are free. If you aren't a member at your local library then sign up and have access to a vast number of reading materials.

Join a reading group

Groups are great for motivation and support in all fields of life. Goodreads has a variety of book clubs and reading challenges available for site members.

Read during commute time

If you find it hard to read whilst in a moving vehicle, driving or with all the hustle and bustle around you, then listen to an audiobook instead. If you spend 1 hour traveling per working day then you should be able to get through an audio book per week.

Listen to audiobooks when doing menial labour tasks and household chores

When you are doing work that requires little to no brainwork i.e. ironing, washing dishes, stacking shelves (after business hours), listening to an audiobook can make your time much more productive and pleasant. If you do a couple of hours of such work per day you can easily get through a few audiobooks each week!

Read during waiting times

If you spend time waiting on clients, children or others on a daily basis then put that time to good effect by reading.

Make a list of all the books you want to read

Goodreads is great for this and gives you recommendations of books based on what you have read previously, are currently reading and plan to read in the future.

Improve your reading speed

Did you know the average person reads at 200 words per minute, but can easily double their reading speed, whilst maintaining or improving comprehension with just a few simple techniques. There are lots of books dedicated to the topic - the best book I have come across is Peter Kump's Breakthrough Rapid Reading. Alternatively, you can do an online or software based course such as ReadingSoft's FReader.

Substitute TV time for reading time

Do you spend hours after work watching mindless TV and vow not to keep doing so? If you do this time could easily be spent on a much more rewarding endeavour - reading!

Go for a morning walk with your audiobook

A morning walk is a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead and can be made even better with an audiobook to listen to.

Was there something I missed? Share your reading tips below.

How often do you read books?

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