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How To Tell A Great Ghost Story While Out Camping

Updated on September 3, 2013

Tell A Great Ghost Story While Camping

Do you have a camping trip coming up, and you want to entertain your campers? If so, then what better way to keep things interesting than by telling a great ghost story. This Hub will go into details about how to tell a great ghost story when camping.

Tell A Story With A Bit Of Truth To It

The first thing a good storyteller needs to do is to figure out what story they will tell ahead of time. If you have ever been in charged of telling a ghost story during a camping trip, then you may have felt put on the spot, and maybe you even had no clue where to begin. This is why it is important to have some sort of idea of what type of ghost story you will be telling.

This is why you should tell a story that has some truth in it. There are hundreds of ghost stories that are supposedly true. Think of a true story, or do some research, and then when you are telling your story mix some of the true ghost story in with your own ghost story. You might be surprised at what you can come up with, and so will the people you are telling your ghost story to.

Put Out The fire

If you want to create a spooky atmosphere while telling your ghost story when camping, then put out the campfire. Just don't go putting it right out at the start of your story or before you even tell your story. You want to be in the middle of telling your story, take a dramatic pause, and then put the fire out.

You want to time it right though. Put out the fire when you feel that you have reached an appropriate point in your ghost story, usually halfway through your story is a good time to put the campfire out. The chances are that your audience will already be memorized by your story and entranced by it, and then when you all of a sudden decide to put the fire out, your audience will end up being that much more afraid and spooked by your ghost story.

Sounds Effects Can Add To Your Ghost Story

Adding sounds effects to your ghost story will do a few things, such as adding more entertainment to your story and you will be able to make people jump, if you choose to do so. Make sure to not overdo it with your sound effects, and only use them sparingly.

On the parts of the story that you want your audience to jump a little bit, use slightly loud sound effects. Doing this will surely get your audience's hearts' jumping.

Don't Make Your Story Too Long

Finally, if you want to tell a great ghost story while you are camping, then do not make your story more like a novel. Instead, try to tell your story within a half-hour, preferably around 15 minutes. Ghost stories around a campfire tend to get boring when they drag on and on and on. Try to make your story short and scary.

Enlist Some Help Before Telling Your Ghost Story

Another thing you should do to help make your ghost story that much more scary is enlist some help. Grab one or two of your friends and have them in hiding while you are telling your stories.

While your friends are in hiding, have them make slight noises while you are telling your ghost stories. Don't have them make any noises such as talking or anything like that, because then your fellow campers may catch on that it is just their friends in hiding. Instead, have them make slight noises with using their feet and hands, such as crumpling some leaves up, or stepping on leaves and things of that nature. When it is dark out, no campfire going and you are telling your story, then the chances are your fellow campers are going to be a little freaked out when they start to hear some noises.


Telling a great ghost story does not have to be difficult. This Hub can help you prepare to tell a great story to your fellow campers. Give some of this advice a try, and you might just tell a ghost story that your fellow campers will not soon forget.


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