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How To Win An Argument - Each Time And Every Time

Updated on June 18, 2012
Win Arguments, always
Win Arguments, always

How To Win An Argument

At one point or the other most of us get into arguments with others. Whether you like it or not, sometimes you lose too. Here are some failsafe tips that will help you win any argument anytime, every time!

You can read it here. But then, you may want to see this page first ( where some more really interesting stuff is waiting for you!

Some Facts And History

Probably, you have seen this before. I got this from that never ending stream of forwarded emails that clog up my inbox everyday. So I do not want to copy and paste it here. I found it hilarious and different from most of the usual bland ones.

As the mail had no original source or cited any site, I decided to try to trace it on the net. I was really surprised with the results, there were so many, with many blog entries with posting dates after July 2007!. Most of them cited no source, some of them took the safe stance and cited the source : unknown.

Some blogs, sites and forums attributed it to an American Lawyer Stuart J. Williams. I could find many quote sites attributing only "I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me" to David Barry and no other data like date or other source available. I couldn't find any reference to this even on his official web site or blog. Some people cited Argument 101 from Fun People Archive that dated back to 8th Jan 1995. I could find the same message posted in the University at Buffalo Poetics discussion group on 6th Dec 1995.

But the earliest instance of this hilarious piece of writing that I can find on the net dates back to 14th Dec 1994 on Subgenius Digest V6, in a mail sent to their group by J. Cooper. But even he says "I didn't write this. It's from my files. Praise "Bob"! Perhaps seeing This and about 'Dave Barry's 16 things' will be interesting!

Then who wrote it in the first place? In fact, Dave Berry wrote this hilarious work way back in 1981 titled 'How To Argue effectively'. Judi Smith, assistant to Dave Barry has informed me that it was taken from the book 'Dave Barry's Bad Habits'. Knowingly or unknowingly, many websites and blogs use the whole article as their own and emails with the full article has been doing the rounds for a long time. In fact, they do encourage people, blogs and sites to use a link, but condemn the usage of the full article.

P.S.: Actually, I had included the mail in the original post. I removed it because it actually is copyrighted material.

How do you try to win an argument?

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    • profile image

      kims3003 6 years ago

      Nice work - very well done. Great tips -

    • profile image

      Garth Sundem 6 years ago

      Ha! Hilarious! I can't believe I hadn't seen this before! Okay, I hate to be a troll, but I stumbled across this after blogging about how to use classical logic fallacies to win every argument with your spouse or significant other. It's at my site or you can search my name at or at

      Again, great hub!



    • badback profile image

      badback 9 years ago from United States

      that is funny! what a good very informative! I'll have to use this against my next opponent!

    • reonel_gray profile image

      reonel_gray 9 years ago from Philippines

      this is just cute...and funny XD

    • thecounterpunch profile image

      thecounterpunch 9 years ago

      Hello, great hub.

      Nevetheless, it's not only a joke, it's really how people behave: they just want to argue for the sake of arguing and they don't listen to the opponents. The "Hitler" argument is one of he pityfull way of arguing.

      There's no exchange of ideas between intelligent people, it's just a silly game when people just want to win when they argue.

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