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How To Write Short Poems

Updated on May 28, 2020
Chatra Ram Lahua profile image

CHATRA RAM is a good writer. His articles have been published in magazines like Amar Ujala and he works in poetry writing.

What are the things that need to be kept in mind while writing a poem, we will discuss about in detail in this article, the main topic of this article is how to write short poems which will revolve mainly around the related topic. It will be described that it will be related to this topic, we have mentioned this subject on how to write short poems.

Things to Keep in Mind While Composing Poems

  • First of all, you need an environment where you can increase your thinking and think more and more and try to put it in your notebook as much as possible.
  • While composing the poem, you should have more understanding of grammatical words.
  • In poetry writing, try to express only what is going on in your inner being.
  • When you are composing a poem, then you must pay attention to its words, you should present those words in a different way so that the reader reading is attracted to your work.
  • It is very important to have a synergy of words in your composition, if there is no synergy in the words, then that composition seems to be strange, so first make synergy in the words so that it looks attractive.

The right way to make writing essentials notebooks etc.
The right way to make writing essentials notebooks etc.
  • Whenever you are going to compose a poem, then you think about the environment above which you want to write general information about that environment, so that you need to use that general information to depict the poem on those words. You can do what is going to attract people.
  • While writing, you have to think about yourself and the environment on which you want to write, only then your writing can be successful.
  • If you want to write in any language, then it is very important for you to have an interest in that language and to know the words of that language so that you can add beautiful beautiful words to your composition and make the composition very attractive.
  • While writing, attention should be absolutely constant and one should be more thinking about your environment so that you can choose the appropriate words.

  • First, try to write in the language of which you have the knowledge and choose the words of that language which you like.
  • Using simple words is very useful for poetry writing, those who use simple language words, their writing is more read, and readers are able to read Gan, they understand them quickly and understand their meaning.
  • Poetry writing is a call emanating from the soul of a person's inner being, that change can be given in writing to the call, poetry writing or essay writing, story writing, etc. can be named.
  • You should read the books of good writers and study them in-depth which proves useful while writing.
  • Try to write the works of those authors whose writings you like very much.

Useful things include pen, pencil, rubber, notebook etc.
Useful things include pen, pencil, rubber, notebook etc.

Essential Items Used in Poetry Writing

  • Must have a notebook for rough writing
  • Language should have a good grammar book
  • First compile such words that you want to use in word-formation.
  • Things like pen pencils etc. should be done so that you will not have trouble writing
  • Also, you need a quiet environment.

What You Should do?

While writing, you have to prepare yourself first so that whatever work you are doing, you can do it with great loyalty because writing is such an art that is done with integrity, it gives you better results than that if you want to progress in writing, then you have to keep in mind the above-mentioned tips given by us so that whenever you do any work related to writing in your future, then you will not face such problems as your writing improvement. Do not hurry, we are telling you that while doing the writing you have to think for the last time that I will give my best, this is to be my ultimate goal, you will be able to understand writing and create a new spirit in you and your writing The whole world will be celebrated, whoever is reading this post, we wish him all the best that he will become a very good writer/poet in writing.

Findings and Evaluation

If you are interested in writing poetry, then you must first follow the above-suggested instructions given by a writer and he himself follows those instructions.

What Would we Like

We hope that whatever question is in your mind, you should comment and tell us so that we can feel proud while answering that question. And you have to follow the above-mentioned facts properly only then you can make your writing progressive.

Consider this

The specialty of a good writer is that he always maintains his writing well.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.



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