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How To Write a Work of Fiction Fast

Updated on August 30, 2009

Writing fiction is a challenge for a lot of writers. While writing essays and articles require one point of view and some research, writing fiction requires a little more from their creative faculties, which at times seems to be much more than they are able to do.

The reality, however, is that writing fiction is similar to writing non-fiction, but with a twist. I will first explain where the similarities are, and then describe what the twist is.

Similarities between Fiction and Non-Fiction

Despite its obvious differences, fiction and non-fiction write are no far apart as some people believe. It is possible to write fiction books and short stories with a process that is very similar to the process used to write non-fiction books.

The first similarity comes from the fact that you need to do research before writing a fiction work. As simple as it sounds, doing research is something that most people are used to. Doing research for a piece of writing means to put together the facts that one is (probably) going to use in order to make a point or as a support to ideas.

For example, an essay writer does research to collect similar opinion, to see what others are talking about the topic, and ultimately to decide what will be part or not of the writing piece.

An identical process needs to happen when talking about fiction writing. A lot of information needs to be present when one is creating a fiction work. This is information that will be used as support during the writing of the book or story. For example, this kind of research would determine what kind of events would happen during the lifetime of the characters, what kind of food would them eat, in which kind of house would them live.

Another important similarity is in writing a summary of the work. The summary is the source from which a writer can take the structure of what he is intending to write. The main reason one needs a summary is that without it you will just spend your time without a direction. The summary gives you a quick direction, so you can spend your time just writing.

With a good summary, there are no worries about what to say next. Thus, you don’t have writer blocks during your work: what you really want to say is already defined.

The Twist

The twist when writing fiction, however, is that, unlike non-fiction, you have a whole personal and creative world to explore. When writing fiction, you are basically travelling: either as a character, or as someone that is looking at what the characters are doing. You can merge with your characters and feel their feelings, or you can just look at their actions.

It is a whole different feeling from the mostly emotionless point of view of a non-fiction writer, where the idea is to make a point. In fiction, you really don’t care about make a point, or maybe you just want to make a few of them, but the most important part is the development of the story. 


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