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How Trump Stole the White House

Updated on August 13, 2018
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Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.

Hillary Clinton on the Campaign Trail

Hillary Clinton campaigning in 2016.
Hillary Clinton campaigning in 2016. | Source

A Brutal 2016 Campaign Cycle

In 2016, America witnessed one of the most brutal Presidential Campaigns in modern history. A campaign which saw personal attacks from both the left and the right, 2016 delivered enough scandals to fill several volumes of shelf space and endless amounts of television coverage.

We are now in the second year of the Trump era and with all the noise surrounding the Trump administration, many Americans find themselves wondering what Hillary has to say. Well, the wait is over!

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Hillary and discuss her thoughts on the 2016 Election and where she feels that America is headed. This is Secretary Clinton reflecting on what happened.

The Election Loss

CJWOOD71: Thank you for joining me Madam Secretary, I know this has been a difficult time and things didn't work out the way you had anticipated.

Hillary: Well its certainly my pleasure to be here CJ. I would have rather we had this conversation in the oval office, but as you know, evil forces conspired against me.

CJWOOD71: When you say 'evil forces', are you referring to the deplorables?

Hillary: Well its no secret that the deplorables had hate driven intentions of keeping me out of the White House, they were all angry and calling me 'Crooked' and all sorts of other mean things. I think they had a difficult time accepting the idea of a woman being in charge. Also, don't forget about Vladimir Putin.

CJWOOD71: Speaking of Putin, do you really feel that the Russians had something to do with Trump winning the Whitehouse?

Hillary: Well, we know members of the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower, not to mention campaign ads that ran on Facebook which were paid for by Russians. I've even heard rumors that he prefers Russian dressing on salads, so we have to take these issues seriously in order to protect the integrity of our elections.

CJWOOD71: In fairness Madam Secretary, it is quite normal for members of a campaign to have meetings with foreign officials and Russian ads on Facebook have been an issue in previous elections, it does not necessarily mean there was collusion with the Trump campaign.

Hillary: Well, what we do know is that in previous elections, the candidate that the American people wanted won the election. This time around, the candidate everyone wanted for President lost, so we have to accept that the results weren't valid.

CJWOOD71: In fairness Madam Secretary, do you feel that perhaps voters were angry about the DNC Primary being rigged in your favor? Furthermore, do you feel there may be a segment of the population that feels that at this time the Democratic Party is perhaps not the best option for protecting our elections?

Hillary: Well I've heard these ideas floating around on Fox News and other Right-wing sources, but there is no truth to any of it. Look, it was my turn, I was going to be the first woman president and Bernie understood that. It was completely fair.

Standing Up For Women

CJWOOD71: Moving along; During the campaign you portrayed yourself as the candidate who would 'stand up' for women and make sure their voices were heard. Do you feel that your handling of Bill's past scandals planted seeds of doubt in the minds of voters as to how sincere you were on these issues?

Hillary: Absolutely not. I have said repeatedly that All women should be heard and believed, voters know where I stand on this. Those stories about Bill in the Whitehouse are quite different, Bill and I were victims of those women who spread lies to cover up their own immoral choices.

CJWOOD71: In fairness, are you able to see how some voters may have a difficult time viewing you as a candidate who provides a voice to women who have been victimized, considering the public attacks you've launched against Bill's accusers? Can you see why some may question this?

Hillary: No. Look, I have been very clear throughout the election campaign that I believe all women should be heard, but if you make up lies about my husband, I will destroy you. I don't understand why those anti-women Republicans are unable to see the difference.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton | Source

The American Voters

CJWOOD71: Let's talk about the Voters and the American public. During your campaign, you insulted a large portion of the voting public by calling them 'Deplorable' and 'Irredeemable'. Do you feel that may have had a negative impact on how people perceived you?

Hillary: Absolutely not. Everybody understands that Republicans are vile, hateful people and we don't really care what they think. Besides, I don't think they really understand what those big words mean, they are not very bright.

Plans For The Future

CJWOOD71: With the election of 2016 behind us, what plans does Hillary have for the future?

Hillary: Well, there is so much left to be done. As you know, I have been touring in support of my book explaining how everybody messed up my rightful ascendancy to the Whitehouse. Bill and I also will be working to help lend credibility to Democrats during the midterm elections. Also, most Americans want me to be President, so I need to give thought to a 2020 run.

CJWOOD71: Well, it certainly sounds as though you have a busy schedule ahead. I want to thank you for giving us your insights, it has been a real eye opener for the American public. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.

In Conclusion

I hope everyone enjoyed this conversation with Madam Secretary Clinton. I look forward to bringing you future conversations with people in the news. Until then, keep it real.

© 2018 Christopher J Wood


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