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How can he be wrong? (Poem)

Updated on June 5, 2010

By KyAuna Mills

written at a bad and irrotating time in my life when I was caught in the middle of my family and my love...fortunately they all love each other now haha

He is perfect  to me in every way
"Hes wrong for you," my family does say

He gives me tiny little angel kisses
And tells me its me he misses

He tells me that i am beautiful every chance he gets
He says my smile is as beautiful as a sunset

Yes of course he isnt without flaw
But in his eyes there was only love that i saw

He'd never talk down to me
He'd never lay a hand on me

He works hard all day
just to keep my stress at bay

How can he be wrong?
He even gives way when i am being headstrong

He stands by my side to help me stay strong
Sometimes the days are way too long

He finds things i loose way to fast
with him the search never does last

When i am sick and he is away
He calls every hour to make sure i'am ok

He may forget things himself and put things aside
But never once to me has he lied

When he sees me he lights up from deep inside
Everyone told me that by now that reaction would die

He doesnt have to say "I Love you" I can see it in his eye
The best thing is that with me he really does  try

It would be great if our families allied
I am really excited to be his bride

family has said its not love i feel only a hormone sort of deal
or that i only stay because i dont want to be alone but that i'll heal

All i want and all i need is his love
And he showers me with it like rain from above

So how can he be wrong?
When i know that we belong

I cant blame them for being blind
Around him they have yet to unwind

day after day you tell me hes wrong for me from what you see
But you dont really know him so the real him you cant see

but do you take the time to know him yourself
its like claiming not to like the book because you dont like the shelf

How can i make you see what i see
i guess for that you would have to understand me

I am all made up of twists and turns thoughts and regrets
but the love i give and the love that i get is something that no one that feels it ever forgets

So is it because your love is all spent
Spred out so far theres no more to be lent

I am not a religous person but i'll pray for you  now
because to not love some one you love's love is something your loved one should not allow

The pain it is to know that you dont, love the one i do with as much heart
is just to much and it tears me appart

Why must you choose to dislike him so much
when no matter what he does its not good enough and such

Its truly hard when my family does say hes not good enough in some way
When you know deep inside where you love lives inside hes the only one who can put your heart at play

So tell me again why hes so wrong
when hes just loved me all along

You said he spent too much time with me and we needed more space
So he got a 12-16 hour job 5-7  days a week he took your advice though being away so much was hard at first to embrace

Then you said hes not around me enough, what more can he do
perhaps you'd be happy if insead one he were two

I dont know what to say i am all out of ideas i dont know how to make you get who he is
Because we cant change who i am or who or how he is

No one is perfect
but the last thing he wants is there to be conflict

You even told me to keep my opptions open
I really hope deep inside you were joken

I have tried will all i can
I just dont know how to make you understand how deeply i am inlove i am  with this man

So if he is wrong
then i am wrong

And we will be wrong together
And we will have to accept being wrong forever

Because if being with him is wrong i dont want to be right
Because to me he is my light how can i be without him in this never ending night

Love him as i do or dont say a word
because the damage inside me is getting absurd

It goes back to that saying of when i was a child if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all
It was quite the smart saying as i recall

If my relationship comes to a fall
it will be of our own fault we dont need any help at all

But i dont see that happening not anytime soon
So for now your angry words just fill a balloon

But when it pops the air goes away
that will be a time when i will no longer choose to stay

How can he be wrong if i love him with all my heart
I guess its because you cant see whats in his trust me its not tart

i only wish you could understand my plea
Theres got to be something  specially strong in him if he is willing to spend his whole life with me

But if you still think hes wrong, he can be wrong I can be wrong and you can be wrong all in our own way
but he and i will know that what we have together is here to stay.

The plans we are making together are life long
So tell me right now do you still think hes wrong?


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    • YoungWife profile image

      KyAuna Alonzo 6 years ago from Hayden, Idaho

      :D Thank you very much

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      Well as long as you are happy with things, I am for you too.

    • YoungWife profile image

      KyAuna Alonzo 6 years ago from Hayden, Idaho

      Thank you all so very much, it was a really tough and frustrating time in my life when I wrote this and I just wanted to scream. Forturnatly things are much much better now and most of my family accepts him.

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      Beautiful. You know truth to me is me saying I am right and you are wrong, truth is only truth in the mind of the one who speaks it. Some say there are two sides to every story, but there are three. Yours, theirs, and the truth. You make it seem as though you are not special almost in your words, but you are. I believe in you and I also see how things were hard at this moment. Sch feelings. Ouch.... Up and beautiful.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 7 years ago

      Great poem! Very nice. Welcome to hubpages!!

    • BrennaR profile image

      BrennaR 7 years ago

      This was so well written and I completly understand , beautiful