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How do I know what to write about in Hubpages?

Updated on March 15, 2010

What do I write about in Hubpages?

The saying is true that knowing what to write is the key to maximizing profit, It is not just writing about your passion. Though writing about what you like doing makes it easy for you to write but the secret is writing about those things that people always search for.

Every day, every hour, every minutes and definitely every second people from all over the world are searching for information to help them in different areas of their lives such as:




Wealth and Money


Self Development, etc

The list is endless and it is left for an infopreneur (someone that provides information online to make money) to maximize his earnings while still providing useful information to internet users.

To know the hottest topics to write about, there are some ready-made tools available to writers. These include:

Google Trends:  This tool allows you to know the most searched-for keywords and topics on the Google database. The hot topics allows you to know what people are actually saying on the net while the hot searches allows you to see the fastest rising queries on the Google database.

Google Zeitgeist:  This tool also from Google allows you to see the trend of searches past and present. It tells you what topics and searches are recorded at different times of the year.

Yahoo Buzz: This tool form Yahoo also helps you discover the popular topics on the internet.

Other tools include AOL hot searches, Lycos 50 and Dogpile. Proper use of these tools will help you know and choose the topics to write about to make more income. Remember, you can write both for fun and also to make good income (thanks to Hubpages and Google). Research and Write.


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    • puru13 profile image

      puru13 6 years ago from INDIA

      The sites you mentioned are really useful to get new topics to write about.I would like to add that answer sites like Yahoo answers can also be helpful.You can write a blog about common asked question there.BTW,here's my approach on how to get new ideas:

      I hope this helps

    • profile image

      kellysewnsew 7 years ago

      Go to the top of your account page, and click on affiliates, and follow directions you find ther. I did it last night, and if a compulexic like me can figure it out, I know you can!

    • Hublord profile image

      Hublord 7 years ago from Enugu

      @Jeanmeriam. thanks for your suggestion but how do i add an affiliate link?

    • profile image

      JeanMeriam 7 years ago

      Nice little hub. You should add a hubpages affiliate link for yourself on this page in case anyone decides to sign up.