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How have been created the dreams?

Updated on May 21, 2010

It is late,very late. The streets are shining in a mystery lights. The street-lamps are beaming like flowers on the gray way. It's beautiful and in some way it has streamed jauntiness. It was as if the dull daily round has melt with the sun rays. I even heard a bird song, there hasn't annoying and noisy cars and buses to smother it. Everything seems unreal somehow. The town is different. I am sitting and watching. All around me seems like a picture of a famous artist. Even the drunkard who has leaned against street lamps and trying to bring out a lighter is a part of that beauty. The radiance is incredible. On the east lightly begin to become brighter. Quite rather light like a hint of an autumn breeze which furrowing the sea. The flock of ravens ,woken up from the first sunbeam, scattered to look for a food before the day has shifted the fascination of the night. The moon is shining and on its surface has glittered a smile. I have a feeling that in this moment everything is possible. Now is the time of miracles. Between five and six o'clock in the morning. The town is in half-alertly magic state. And it is ready to realize the wishes to anyone who feels that.

It sounds strange, isn't it? You just make a wish. Don't argue against that but do it.

         It has been enough dark when I closed my eyes and began to think about my today's wish. The image has slowly emerged. The wind  rose and fondled my hair as if to strengthen that image in my head. I never went there with a made up wish. It was simply  a result as the sun has risen. But today the imagination of the wish was difficult as the idea was the bigger from the usual one. I needed an incentive. A loud yell was heard near me and if start it off. You will be surprised how many things could stimulate your life. Naturally people are creators. I don't mean only the artistic natures. We create our life. It has happened to anyone, when you want to do something but you don't know what it is. I opened my eyes. My wish hadn't been took shape yet. I looked round. The sun has slowly raised and  came up. A thing flew past and alighted on the bench beside me. I rubbed my eyes to see clearly. It was a turtle-dove. I had heard that bird before. She was tender. The light from the near street-lamp was gleaming on her black neck-piece playfully as if to strengthen the magic of that moment. I looked round me. The ravens had flown away. There hadn't even doves around. Her black little eyes were staring at me with curiosity and strangely expectancy. As though she hadn't come here by chance. On that moment before my eyes swept grey thunderbolt. Beside her alighted another one. Two birds rubbed their beaks and looked at me expectantly. I closed my eyes. May be that was the stimulus I needed. The image emerged again under my eyes, its shapes formed smartly with style. I wasn't an artist but my mind has coped with it quite well. I felt a pleasant thrill in my chest, the image looked excellently. I looked it over and it was flawless. Today there would be happen something beautiful in my life. Like every day. I felt the touch of the sunbeams. In front of me glistened sun bunnies. I lightly flickered. My new little friends were disappeared. Two ravens and about ten doves went were going about to dust-bins. One of the ravens had found a packet of chips and  fiercely tore it  to pieces  picking the tasty bits. The magic slowly blew out with the setting in the crowds of people. I heard a coo from the tree above me. Two little enamored birds have been talking. As they have been created to be together. It has seen from the way in which they looked each other while they touch their beaks. And their song was perfect. A bus has whizzed past and totally do away with the magic of the moment. I looked at my watch, it was six o'clock a.m. I smiled and left the feeling of something nice which would be coming, to overcome. I didn't know how it will happen. I didn't know when. But I knew a thing. Today would be wonderful day and full of splendid possibilities. And one of them would change my life. I half-closed my eyes while I was walking, enjoying to the magnificent sculpture which my mind had created and in my ears was ringing the sound of the turtle-doves' song. My way has passing by a restaurant from where I bought a tin-box of Coca cola to gather energy. I don't know if that happened to you. Often when something important come close, your expectation become stronger without a reason. You have a sensation for unreality, for something forthcoming and everything that surrounds you is grey and dull,usual. I went into the restaurant. There were no people so early in the morning. I wanted to do something interesting as if the event until that moment was ordinary.

-       One Cola,please, in a tin-box. It is a wonderful day,isn't it?

-       Like every day. answered me the boy behind the counter.

   The sculpture in my head assumed entirely clear image and I began to laugh.

       - What is funny?

       I tossed my long black hair and said:

       - I just felt a sensation of deja-vu. Since a year I have passed by here every day and bought a Cola. I'm glad to meet you. My name is Radost.

       - The name is suitable for  you. My name is...

The other part of the story doesn't matter. I want to ask you some day to went out earlier for work and to leave time for dreams. Let you to dream!Believe me, between five and six o'clock in the morning is magic time. The time when you could wish everything. And that wishes will bring you energy for whole day. Imagine the shape of your wish. Let yourself to the flight of your mind. It will get what you need. Don't be afraid of wish everything. If it didn't come true the first time, try again and again, it will get in the end. And then you will understand how the dreams have been created. I must leave you now. It's almost five o'clock a.m., it's time for new dreams.

       - Wake up,dear, it's quarter to four.


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    • Moxyl profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interested point of views, keep on writing please. :)


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