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How much you love me-Chapter Five

Updated on May 1, 2014

How much you love me-Chapter Five

News travel fast. The random announcement of Alexis’ engagement to Alexandra came to the knowledge of Yalena Andreas who was so ecstatic of knowing it. She immediately summoned Alexis to bring Sandy to her.

“Alexis, I want you to arrange a formal announcement of your engagement.” Yalena said happily that sounds like an order to Alexis.

“But would it be better if we will just keep it this way? Alexandra and I agreed that the fewer the people know about this the better.” Alexis reasoned.

“Oh really? Then it was a good thing that I took the initiative of arranging everything for the two of you.” Yalena said with a big grin in her face.

“What??? But…” Alexis was so confident that his announcement will not put him and Alexandra in a very critical situation. Critical! “Yes! This is really very critical! This is between life and death for him.” Alexis felt so disturbed. He could not contradict his grandmother. He knew very her fragile health condition. He could not also let Alexandra face the embarrassment of being branded… whatever the people may think of that situation in his bedroom. If truth to be known… he did not actually touch Alexandra… no … that is not true. He corrected himself. He did touch her but only to take off her dress… and…” Alexis closed his eyes. He does not want to be reminded how much he fought himself for that temptation.

Who would expect that the caregiver possessed a very beautiful body? She looked so innocent last night. So innocent and so fresh. Alexis felt that desire stirring inside him thinking of Alexandra sprawled in his bed.

“Alexis! What are you thinking? Did you hear what I said?” Yalena asked.

“Y-Yes grandmother…” Alexis said hesitantly. He did not even realize that he addressed his grandmother in English.

On the other hand, Sandy could not reconcile herself yet to this charade. She could not face Yalena. At least not yet, not this time. Sandy decided that she could not also stay in the house of Alexis. She was still trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess when the two maids just entered the room and said that they are to help her get dressed. That really made her so uncomfortable. She knew that the maids were thinking about hers and Alexis’ night together. They were holding out their giggles in front of her.

She was just barely dressed when the door opened and Alexis came in without even a preamble. He instructed the maids to go out.

“What are you doing?” Sandy asked nervously when Alexis locked the door.

“As you can see I am trying to make sure that we will not be interrupted cara…” Alexis said softly looking at Alexandra intently. “You don’t have to be afraid I have no intention to make love to you right now” Alexis added.

“Please… let me go… I would like to return to the Villa.” Sandy said without looking at Alexis. How could she? She has nothing to hide from him anymore. He saw everything and knew everything about her now. She lost her honor. Her one and only treasure in just a wink of an eye because of her stupidity.

“Look at me Sandy!” Alexis commanded. “I swear to God that I did not touch you last night. I admit though that you were my biggest temptation. But I like my women to be sober and fully awake and know what they are getting into. If you did not scream the servants will not even know that I brought you here…”

“So it was my fault then?” Sandy said with greeted teeth.

“Well… actually… Oh never mind! There is no use in crying over spilled milk as they say. But we are now in this situation so we might as well do our best performance if we want the people to shut up.” Alexis said convincingly. Who is he trying to convince though? Himself or Alexandra?

Sandy started to cry again.

“Will you stop crying? For goodness sake! Your tears will not solve our problem! And please be warned that my grandmother has already arranged a formal engagement party for us. So if you are ready now I am taking you to her since she wanted to talk to you.” Alexis said grumpily that made Alexandra more upset.

Sandy was not prepared for Yalena’s tight hug and telling her that she was so happy to hear the good news. “Finally, my Alexis will settle down with a good woman.” Yalena said with a big smile.

“Yalena… the truth is….” Sandy was about to tell Yalena that her engagement with Alexis was a farce.

But suddenly Alexis appeared in the doorway and spoke to Yalena in their language. It seems that Yalena had guests downstairs.

Sandy was about to go with Yalena but Alexis said Angelini will take Yalena downstairs. She was about to protest but the door already closed. She was left alone with Alexis.

“I was about to tell her the truth. Why did you stop me?” Sandy said with pursed lips.

“For the record cara mia… I was not trying to stop you. Grandmother is very popular these days since the announcement of our engagement. Isn’t it interesting?” Alexis said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Sandy wanted to hit this man. How could he? He was deceiving his grandmother. She is not a very good liar. She is very transparent. She is not also comfortable knowing that she agreed with the lie. She should tell Yalena the truth one way or another.

“You know that the health condition of my grandmother is very frail, don’t you Alexandra? So if I were you… I would think twice first before I will speak about the truth of this engagement.” With that said… Alexis left her without even a backward glance.

Sandy felt so miserable. Of all the stupid things that she had done… going alone to Athens is the biggest mistake. She could not still remember what happened to her… she just ate and drink some special drink…. Special drink… she got drunk then?” What about her parents... they don't even know what is happening to her right now. What if the news will reach them in the Philippines? Sandy groaned. She will really become crazy if she will be like this talking to herself.

Alexandra looked at herself in the mirror. She could not recognize the woman looking back at her. Alexis hired a personal hairdresser to do her hair. Her long hair hanged loose. The lady also applied a little bit of make-up on her and the dress that she was wearing it was one of those expensive silk that hugs the curves of her body. She felt as if she was a kind of a display of… she was trying to find the word that could describe her but found none… she was still contemplating whether to run away for scape or to face the people downstairs who are expecting the “Future Lady Andreas”.

“Don’t gloat over this very small victory Alexandra!” Amina spoke behind Sandy.

Sandy did not even noticed her entered the room.

“I am not gloating over this Amina. I am so sorry…”

“Enjoy yourself for tonight Alexandra… just be careful that you will not drown with that happiness…” said Amina with a mocking smile on her face that did not even reached her eyes.

Sandy did not really feel good about Amina’s remark. Amina already left with a smirk on her face when Sandy heard the knocking on the door.

“Alexandra?” Alexis called outside her door.

Sandy felt even more uneasy. But she has to open the door. Alexis stood in front of her. Alexis could not take his eyes off Sandy. He felt something inside him that hit him hard like he was knocked by a hard object. He did not know what to say… except “You are beautiful...” and gave Sandy a kiss on the lips.

Sandy was not prepared for that kiss. It was a feather touch kind of a kiss but the feel of it lingered on her lips.

“That was for the benefit of our audience…” Alexis whispered in her ears.

Sandy looked up and found Amina and Angelini looking at them.

Remembering the threat of Amina earlier… if that was really a threat to her… Sandy holds her head high and took the hand that Alexis offered and walked with him regally when the Master of the Ceremony announced their entrance.

The flashes of the camera and congratulatory drinks offered for them made Sandy felt sick in her stomach. She asked Alexis to be excused. She wanted to take some air otherwise she will collapsed right there in front of the guests. She went out to the verandah taking a deep breath and tried to regain her composure. She was looking at the beautiful view of the ocean. She can see the beauty of Athens at night.

“You really let him manipulate you Sandy…” said a voice behind her.

Sandy turned around to see Vassilli few feet from where she was standing.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Vassilli.”

“Then can you explain to me your engagement to Alexis? That was what I was talking about…”Vassilli said accusingly.

Sandy had the feeling that Vassilli is not the right person who could keep a secret. With a defiant tone she said, “This is one of the circumstances I don’t have any intention to explain to you. I can only say that I am so sorry that we surprised you like this.” Sandy said calmly.

Vassilli looked at her with accusing eyes. “You know about the “Will” of my mother, don’t you?” Vassilli asked softly but to Sandy it sounded like a hissing of a snake ready to bite.

“What has that to do with my engagement to Alexis? If you think that I got engaged to him because of money then… you are mistak….” Sandy was not able to finish Vassilli’s next words cut her off.

“He wanted control over the Andreas Conglomerate… that is why he proposed to you…!”Vassilli said in a venomous voice.


“Sandy! Why did you sneaked out here with Vassilli?” Alexis thundered.

“I did not sneak out with him!” Sandy fought back the tears that she felt like choking her.

“My, my… you sound like you are so jealous Alexis… are you afraid that Alexandra might discover your dark secrets?” Vassilli taunted.

“I don’t have any dark secrets! What are you implying my dear “Uncle?”

Sandy could not stand listening the two men… she walked past them and ran to her room.

Alexis tried to stop her but Sandy was already inside the room.

“Alexandra, please open the door. We will talk…” Alexis said gently outside the door.

Sandy was touched by that gentle voice. This was the first time she heard Alexis talk to her without any anger or not ordering her… it was in fact a defeated voice she heard. When she opened the door Alexis came in but also made it so sure that the door was locked.

As soon as the door was locked, Alexis turned to Sandy with an angry face.

“Goodness woman! It is not even twenty-four hours yet of our engagement and you sneaked out with Vassilli already? Are you really that crazy over my uncle? “Alexis was shaking Sandy’s shoulders.

Sandy tried to push Alexis but he was so strong. “Let me go! You pig! You are hurting me!” Sandy cried.

Alexis realized that he was holding Alexandra tightly. “I… I am so sorry… please forgive me…. I don’t intend to hurt you Alexandra…”

“What is the purpose of this engagement Mr. Andreas?” Sandy asked between sobs.

Alexis was trying to control his temper. “Mr. Andreas? Are we back to square again? Is that it? “Alexis’ voice was hard again.

Sandy did not reply but was still crying.

Alexis holds Sandy’s face. He could not explain why he was hurting inside seeing this woman’s tears. Alexis was not able to hold himself anymore. He gathered Sandy into his arms gently. “It’s ok Sandy…” Alexis was murmuring endearments to Sandy in his own tongue that Sandy could not understand. At that moment she did not care anymore about the future. All she was aware of was the presence of the man who was holding her and embracing her lovingly.

Love? Where did that came from? The man did not even like her. But for now… she needed that comfort. She needed that strength that this man gave her.

If only Sandy knew that Alexis was telling her in his language that he loves her.

When Sandy opened her eyes the next morning, Alexis was beside her bed and was smiling at her. She looked at herself and was relieved that she was wearing her pajamas. Now… wait a minute….! “You undress me again!” That was not a question but an accusation directed to Alexis.

Alexis just shrugged his shoulders and was actually amused by Sandy’s reaction. “Well, what can I do? You fell into my arms because of the champagne last night. You drank too much “agapi mou.”

There he goes again… using endearments that she could not understand. “I wish you will not speak Greek to me.”

Alexis was still smiling that made Sandy more uncomfortable. She could not really meet the eyes of Alexis. She wish he is not so near and that he will not talk to her nicely. It melts her heart when he does this. It would be easier to deal with him if he will be angry or yell at her.

“Don’t look at me like that Alexandra… I swear I will kiss you and I will not stop until you beg for mercy.” Alexis said crossly.

Sandy was tempted to test the patience of Alexis. “Well, what if I wanted you to kiss me? What will you do Kyrie Andreas?” Sandy asked huskily.

Alexis did not move for a second. His eyes went to Sandy’s lips. His mind was telling him “no” but his heart telling him “yes.” He wanted to kiss Alexandra. Not just he wanted to kiss her but that he wanted her as his woman.

The thought scared Alexis.

“I will see you at breakfast glyka mou” Alexis said briefly as if could not wait to be out of Sandy’s presence.

Sandy was surprised by that. For a moment she thought she saw something in Alexis’ eyes. Was that desire? “There you go again Alexandra… trying to analyze the situation. Quit dreaming the impossible. This is all a charade. You know who you are. You are just a ‘caregiver’.” Sandy reminded herself bitterly. Like it or not she has to face the truth: She has fallen in love with the man… not just any man but to the man who is way, way out of her league.

When Sandy joined the family for breakfast, Yalena let her sit the chair beside her. Sandy looked at Alexis but he was busy eating with his food. Vassilli and Amina were silent and did not even spare a glance in her direction.

They were all surprised when Yalena said:” The wedding will take place in two weeks from now.”

“What???” All four said in unison.

“No! You will not decide for that grandmother! Alexandra and I will be the one to decide when are we going to get married.” Alexis objected vehemently.

“Why are you objecting Alexis? Isn’t that what you wanted to get the total control of Andreas Corporations?” Vassilli said as if he was agreeable with his mother.

“Shut up Vassilli before I forget that you are my Father’s brother!” Alexis said angrily.

“Stop it! Both of you! Could you not be at least civil with each other?” Yalena said with firmness that took Sandy by surprise. She did not think for a moment that this tiny lady could give strong command. Alexis and Vassilli did not say anything after that.

Yalena relaxed in her chair. But she was looking now at Alexandra who was still confused and very much surprised. “Are you also objecting to the marriage Alexandra?” That was very clear and very direct question that made Sandy almost jump from her chair.

Sandy looked at Alexis. Her eyes were asking for help but Alexis did not give any indication that he is going to help her answer the question of Yelena.

“Um….Ms.… Yalena… would you consider holding first the date of the wedding for the time being? Please… I need to… I mean… I need time to sort this thing out!” There! She finally said it.

Before Yalena could react to what Sandy said Alexis spoke.

“Yes, grandmother… you can schedule the wedding as you wish anytime! We don’t care even if we will be married today or tomorrow… right kardia mou?” Alexis said sweetly looking at Sandy. But Sandy was not fooled by the tone of that voice and the way Alexis looked at her. She felt like chilling in her bones.


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