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How to Analyze a Poem:

Updated on November 14, 2011

My Archangel

How to Analyze A Poem

In order to understand poetry better, here are ways to unlock the world of verses in order to enter its wonderful world:

(I am using an original poem from me as basis)

My archangel

Trumpetsblaring, echoes resounding

Noises resonating, mind wandering

A lone voice reminding, from the desert parching

Through arid lands plodding, for the rain waiting

Though on its chase unending, it doesn’t fail reminding

Carnal thoughts may be unfulfilling, but it is fleeting

True bliss enlivening, worldly desires denying

Only then in attaining, eternal delight is pure and satisfying

My Archangel is trailing, of this world’s desires unyielding

For self pleasure is not gratifying, but unselfish love is lasting….

A.Persona – the speaker of the poem.

Here the persona is a friend who is grateful to his/her friend.

B.Form – there are several methods an author might use – depends on the style of the author.

a.Couplet – it consists of two lines perstanza

b.Quartet – consists of four lines.

c.Cinquain – a peom consists of five lines per stanza

d.Sestet – consists of six lines.

e.Octave – consists of eight lines

f.Sonnet – although this is a kind of poem it consists of fourteen lines all in all.

g.Free Verse – it does not follow any form, meaning there is no measurement.

In the poem Archangel I am using cinquain.

C.Imagery – it pertain to the five sense in which the poem leaves an impression to create mental images.

The images created from this poem are:

Trumpets blaring – sense of sound

True bliss – sense of feeling/touch

From the desert parching – sense of taste

D.Poetic Devices – are devices used by the author to develop his/her poem.

Note: some of the above mentioned method are still part of the devices, yet I focus on the three for emphasis.

a.Alliteration – the repetition of the initial consonant sounds.

b.Assonance – the repetition of the same vowel sounds.

c.Onomatopoeia – the use of words which imitate sounds.

d.Rhyme – the use of same ending sounds

The devices used by the author are:

Onomatopoeia – trumpets blaring

Echoes resounding

Rhyme –resounding – wandering

Parching – waiting

E.Figurative Languages –

Simile – a comparison of two unlike objects with the emphasis of “as”, like”

Metaphor – a comparison of two unlike objects with the absence of as, like.

Personification – giving an inanimate object as if it were human.

Irony – a statement which is actually a reverse of its true intention.

Hyperbole – an exaggeration for special effect.

Here are some of the figurative languages used in the poem My Archangel:

Through arid lands plodding, for the rain waiting – hyperbole

Carnal thoughts may be unfulfilling, but it is fleeting – irony

Good luck! Enjoy reading poetry…

Angel's Wings


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