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How to Breed Meal Worm Beetles as Food For Reptiles

Updated on February 15, 2016


many people use meal worms to feed their reptiles and amphibians. But this can be very costly over time, especially if you have many animals to feed. By breeding them, it will save you a lot of money, and a lot of trips to the pet store.


First you need to know how to care for meal worms, and meal worm beetles. All you need is a cage, oats or other material like it, and watery fruits and vegetables. Just spread the oats around the cage to make a flat bedding covering the entire bottom of the cage. place the fruits or vegetables around the tank. You will need to replace the food every couple of days.


To breed, you will need another cage with the same environment. The beetles will breed automatically, and lay eggs around the cage. Once you see baby meal worms, move the adult beetles to another cage. The meal worms will grow into pupa, then into beetles. Mean while, the adult beetles will breed again in the new cage. You will then need to move them to another cage. By the time they breed again, the first batch should be adults, so you can mix the adults together, then will breed again. then the batch that was in the second container will be adults, and so on. If you just follow this process, you will never run out of meal worms.


You now know how to breed meal worms for your reptiles and amphibians. By following this process, it should save you a lot of money, and trips to the pet store. This is not the only food you can feed to your pets. See my other article called "How to Breed Crickets as Food for Reptiles".


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