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How to Buy Used Book on Amazon

Updated on April 29, 2012

Buying books online is convenient and allow you to get the best deal. One of the best places to buy books online is It is well known and reliable. Below are a set of instructions for buying used books on



  1. To buy used books on, open your internet explorer. Type in in the address bar.

  2. On the drop down box of the search bar, select book. Then to the right of the search bar, type in the name, ISBN, or author…etc. of the books you want to search. Then click go.

  3. This page will show you the list of books they have that matches your search. Choose the one you like.

  4. Near the bottom of the description, there is a choice to buy the book new or used. Click used.

  5. This page contained the price of the book + shipping, the condition of these books, and the seller. Choose the book that fit your need the best. To the right of the book you have chosen click “add to cart”.

  6. On the right, click “proceeds to check out”.

  7. Ignore this step if you have already sign in. Enter you email and password and click “sign in”.

  8. Entering your shipping information if it is not already in your account. When you are done click “ship to this address”.

  9. This page contains your shipping option. Choose standard shipping if you want to received it within the next 4-14 business days. Choose Expedited shipping if you want it in 2-6 business days. When you are done, click “continued to proceed”.

  10. This page here contained your payment plan. Choose any payment type you like. If you have any promotional or gift card enter it below. Click the “continue” bar to continue.

  11. This page contains your final order information. Review it and correct any mistake. Then click “place your order” on top to finalizes.


If your internet explorer crashes while you are buying books, try to restart the internet explorer. If you are in the middle of finalizing your order, go to your account to see if the order has already been process. If it has not, continue where you left off.


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    • SMD2012 profile image

      Sally Hayes 5 years ago

      I bought a used book from our giant online bookseller here in Canada, Chapters/Indigo, and except for the slightly longer delivery time, I was really quite happy with the condition of the book and the price I paid. Great Hub!

    • Jessi10 profile image

      Jessica Rangel 5 years ago from Lancaster, CA

      As a part-time student, this is GREAT information for me. I'm always looking for ways to save money on books. Amazon does have a very large selection that I can look through, but it can be difficult to find what I need!

      Thank you for writing this Hub! Sharing this with other readers!