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The Cemetery

Updated on February 21, 2014


Woodlawn Cemetery Independence, MO
Woodlawn Cemetery Independence, MO | Source

The mist was silent

I was screaming, raging

making no sound

as I sat

on the cold metal chair

staring out

making no eye contact

Voices quietly from

around me

but no one I could recognize

or even understand

Breathing didn't matter

and the mist was chilling

to the bone

One by one people began to leave

and confusion was everywhere

slamming me into that chair

unable to move

Everything that mattered,

every reason I was alive

was here

and she was never going to leave

the willow standing there

would still grow

the dirt mound

they moved to cover her

would be fruitful again

but she won't

and my legs won't move

Twenty three years

this willow tree

shades her

from the world

Twenty three years

of not knowing why

she had to miss this

Graduating High School

and College




my life

Twenty three years

it's taken me

to realize

she hasn't missed

a single minute of it






Open your eyes.


All Rights Reserved  ©copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved ©copyright 2012


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    • krsharp05 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristi Sharp 

      7 years ago from Born in Missouri. Raised in Minnesota.

      ahorseback, great to see you again! I really enjoy creative writing and will definitely start again after the apprenticeship ends! Thank you for reading and for believing in me :) -K

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Often for me , visiting a cemetery , especially an old one anywhere , helps me to find peace for for those memories and visions that remain without closure !...I like the way you write , keep it up!

    • krsharp05 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristi Sharp 

      8 years ago from Born in Missouri. Raised in Minnesota.

      I'm happy that we are in touch and that what I'm writing makes sense to you. Thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      Shawn Seiler 

      8 years ago

      This is very sad and beautiful, I remember when my father died it was like the sound got turned down in the world and everything lost its color and went grey. My whole life perspective changed.

      He was an agnostic and having to deal with my moms religion (Cult) was a daily juggling act between his love for her, us kids, and his genius level reasoning and educational level.

      When he died I was an extremely angry / numb alternating atheist. The greatest gift he ever gave me was showing me from the other side that he was somewhere watching and directing, like all my ancestors, and that this physical plane of existence is not all there is, and he showed it to me quickly, and till this day to all of us kids.

      Thanks for reminding me of that this morning! Aloha


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