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How to Find Time to Read 50 Books in a Year (or more)

Updated on August 4, 2017

We don’t find time to read. We make time.

There’s a difference. Instead of saying that I want to read this book in my free time, say that I will make time to read. It is the same result, where the book gets read. But it is the mindset of which you approach the book.

Can't sleep? I have a solution...

At night when you can’t sleep, read! But not all of us can be insomniacs, so I would suggest reading before bed. Turn off the TV, put down the handphone, and pick up that book that has been sitting on your bookshelf. Dust the book cover, flip open the book and smell the pages (I mean read those words). Soon enough, reading before bed will become a habit. A good habit that you would like to impart to your children.

Source: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Humanities Indicators ( Data collected by U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (“Data Retrieval: American Time Use Survey,”
Source: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Humanities Indicators ( Data collected by U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (“Data Retrieval: American Time Use Survey,” | Source

Just read whenever and wherever you can

The graph above is taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows the amount of time Americans age 15 and older spend reading for personal interest.

The Bureau’s findings reveal that the average time spent reading varies depending on age and education level, but across almost every demographic category reading time has waned in recent years.

50 books a year isn’t a feat. Its quite simple really, just read. On the train, during breakfast, before bed, whenever you have the chance to.

But since most of us live busy schedules, finding a chance to read simply isn’t possible. So make a time. It was said that its easier to replace a habit then to drop it completely. How many minutes per day do you spend checking your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, email, etc, ? How many videos a day do you watch on YouTube? That might give you an idea of where your spare time is going so you can find a few minutes here and there to read instead of surfing the web. Replace the habit, don’t drop it.

Read books that will hook you, literally

Reading an engrossing book is so pleasant that time does not become an issue. Airplane flights are also excellent to catch up your reading. A sunbath becomes quite more interesting if you have a good book. If you are eating alone, there is no better company than a book.

When you are doing something you really enjoy, it is not a matter of quantity, it is all about quality.

You are going to learn something new and useful

Reading is an amazing way to learn a lot of things.

You can learn

  • About yourself
  • About the author
  • How to spell a word
  • The definition of the word in a sentence
  • About life

To elaborate, in every storybook, there is another world and characters with problems they need to overcome. And as we read the books we follow the characters as they solve their problems, while gaining the experience ourselves.
You can get something out of every book if you take the time to delve into the deeper meanings instead of browsing the book. Every time we read a book, we’re following the author’s line of thought, maybe adding to their ideas or straying from the path they’ve written, but we can look from someone else’s eyes.


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