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Five Tips to Motivate You to Write - How to Beat Writer's Block

Updated on February 22, 2012
Writing consistently can help improve your writing style and earn you more money from your articles.
Writing consistently can help improve your writing style and earn you more money from your articles. | Source

5 Tips

While I usually don’t talk about how I write my articles to anyone, I thought it would make a good topic of discussion to talk about how I motivate myself to write, and how much I write each day. Learning how to motivate yourself to write properly as often as possible is a great way to really create a true presence online, and begin earning money from your writing. If you do not keep up a relatively steady stream of content, you will eventually be buried under the thousands of other people who are continually writing articles and pieces for the Internet. So here are my five basic steps to staying motivated and keeping the articles flowing:

1. Keep a list of ideas: Keeping a list of ideas is a great way to make sure that writer’s block will never force you to spend hours thinking up a good topic to write. I keep a list of ideas near my computer at all times, written down on envelopes, scraps of paper, or newspapers, as I write down the article ideas as soon as I get them to make sure that I won’t forget any one of them. If I make sure that I do not forget any of them.

2. Set a word count: Making sure that you have a set word count to type for makes things a lot easier for you. With that said, don’t simply write for the word count; just make sure that any article you begin will meet that word count. For me, my minimum word count is 400 words, as I find that’s the length that works best for SEO purposes. Also, if I type at a modest rate of 40 WPM, I can write an article in ten minutes, which is pretty fast. For more SEO tips, read my beginner’s guide to writing online.

3. Listen to music: I do this to block out all outside sound. I have been listening to music while walking around, doing work, or writing for years now, so I can actually use the music to block out all other sound without it distracting me, allowing me to focus on my work. While music may work for some people, something else, like tea or a exercising before they sit down to write, can help focus one’s attention on the task at hand.

4. Clear your schedule: When you sit down to finally write, make sure that you are not rushing to write your article as quick as possible because you have ten other things to do. Try to write at times when you are not worrying about what you have to do next or later in the day can help you formulate your ideas and put the words down much easier.

5. Eat beforehand: This is probably the strangest tip, but personally I found that when I ate beforehand I had the energy to properly focus on what I was writing, and it made writing much easier as I was able to research topics and find important facts from my research with much more ease, because my mind was sharper right after eating.

If you have any tips of your own, or feedback on any of these tips, please leave a comment and share your thoughts; I would love to hear what helps you focus on your writing.


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