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How to Get Popular Magazine Subscriptions for Free

Updated on February 1, 2016

Why should I get free magazines?

By getting magazine subscriptions for free in the mail, you can skip the newsstand and save a few dollars. Magazine subscriptions are a gift that keeps on giving by showing up in your mailbox every month.

There are a variety of websites that offer free print or digital editions of popular magazines for subscribers. Some may also offer reduced-price subscriptions after completing a free subscription. If you just want your subscription to stop when it's finished, make sure you do NOT share your credit card or payment information when you're subscribing. Otherwise, you might get charged automatically to renew.

Where can I find free magazines?

These are a few websites that offer magazine subscriptions at no cost. Bear in mind that not all magazines are offered all the time, so what you see today might not be available tomorrow. On the flip side, if you don't see anything you're interested in right now, check back in a few days, and you might find something new.

  1. ValueMags: Very easy to sign up for an account, and to subscribe to free magazines. Also offers reduced-price subscriptions.

My free magazine redemptions from ValueMags
My free magazine redemptions from ValueMags

2. Rewards Gold: You don't have to have a Facebook account to sign up, but if you do and you link your accounts, Rewards Gold regularly runs single question surveys that give up to $40 in rewards credits.

3. Mercury Magazines: Not everyone qualifies for all of their subscriptions because they want to send the magazines that are most relevant to you.

4. Freebizmag: This site also offers special interest magazines.

5.Rewards Country: You have to apply to become a member of the website, which basically just entails filling out a registration form. Then, you can start taking surveys and completing other activities to earn rewards.

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How do these companies make money?

Companies that offer free magazine subscriptions often make money through other paid offers. By having you view multiple offers as you complete your sign-up form, it increases their chances that they'll get another customer for whatever they're selling. If all you want is a free magazine, just be mindful as you click through offers. There will always be an option to "skip offer," say "no thanks" or "I'm not interested" if the magazine is truly free, but sometimes it's at the bottom of the page, or in smaller print.

Occasionally, these companies will have you take a short survey and then credit your account. You then use these credits to sign up for free subscriptions.

I have received hundreds of free issues of magazines over the past few years. I even saved up my survey credits from one website and subscribed for a whole year of daily delivery of the Wall Street Journal, which also gives me access to the digital editions. I've never completed any of the extra offers to get these magazines, so it is possible.

Free magazines
Free magazines


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