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How to Lucid Dream Instantly?

Updated on August 9, 2019
Szabolcs-Istvan Kisded profile image

I read many books on lucid dreaming, and I am able now to create a lucid dream, whenever I want to, using some of these simple techniques.

Can you remember when was the last night you dreamed? Obviously, you can get multiple types of dreams at nights, that will put you in diverse situations, but have you ever heard of the concept called “Lucid Dreaming”? If not, then this is the right article to learn about it. I will explain what exactly is lucid dreaming and how to achieve it easily. Read on.

So, What Is Lucid Dreaming All About?

If you don't know what is a “Lucid Dream”, I will give you a quick introduction about it.

A lucid dream is a type of dream, in which the dreamer is completely aware of the fact that he or she is dreaming. Even more, because of this awareness, the dream's outcome can be controlled. This can be usually achieved when the dreamer stop for a minute, to question reality of the witnessed events. This will cause the dreamer to acknowledge that he is inside a dream.

A lucid dream can happen to anyone, without any prior preparation. Some people might have them more easily and often than others.

The definition of lucid dreaming certainly sounds simple to understand, but trust me there are still many misconceptions and mysteries surrounding it.

Before I tell you how to achieve a lucid dream the next time you sleep, I will tell you why you should try to lucid dream, in the first place? Let me explain this to you, below.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Lucid Dream?

1. It Creates Escapism and Freedom

Based on my experience with people, the main reason why many try to get a lucid dream is to experience making love to a secret crush, which does not return feelings. Others might be imagining themselves as if they were flying like a bird. We humans certainly have many unfulfilled desires… And lucid dreaming can be a great way to experience them. While lucid dreaming, the dreamer is free to imagine anything he wants, and because of this, he will experience things that are extraordinary and are out of his or her reach in the real world.

2. It Reveals Your Brain Power

If you never experienced a lucid dream then it’s time to do it. It actually increases your brain power and improves your imagination skills. When you are conscious of the fact that you are dreaming, there is an astonishing opportunity to experience a tangible and vivid dream world (that isn’t real).

3. It Creates Excitement And Adventure

Dreams of course, offer chances of going on unseen adventures. Each time a person dreams, he or she enters a world where anything imagined is possible. If you ever wanted to visit a place seen in a movie, video game or book – it could be possible to be achieved (without expenses), using this trick.

4. It Generates Creative And Artistic Inspiration

Dreams have consistently been inspiring humans to be creative and artistic. The world’s greatest sculptures, musical compositions, stories, scientific discoveries and paintings were almost all created using inspiration based on the artist's dreams. Even though the current modern era does not believe in the usefulness of dreams, they are a great way to boost imaginations and creativity.

5. It Stops Nightmares

Yes, lucid dreaming will also stop nightmares. The fact is that there are some people who are scared to go to sleep because of their horrifying nightmares. If you are one of these people, lucid dreaming can help you greatly escaping nightmares. Because you will fully control your dreams, you will be able to easily face your nightmares and to fade them away.

How To Lucid Dream Instantly?

Lucid dreaming is a great way to trick your body into believing that your mind is actually sleeping (when actually, your mind is awake, while your body is still sleeping). When you can achieve this trick, you will enter a dream world while you will be preserving your full consciousness. Once entered into a lucid dream, you are free to decide what you are willing to dream, there is no one to stop you.

So, how to lucid dream the next time you sleep? Well, just get into the bed and then follow the steps from below and within 20 to 30 minutes, you will experience a lucid dream. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Read on!

1. Lay Down and Relax

The initial step begins by releasing all your muscle tension. You need to do this with 1 part of your body at a time. Begin with your head and end with your toes. Feel your tension fading off and begin breathing deeply and slowly. You need to keep relaxing. Doing this, you will enter into a state similar to meditation.

2. Don’t Move Your Body

Each time you make a move, the time needed to get into a lucid dream is prolonged. After a move you have to start over, because your progress is usually reset. You have to ignore all your urges to make any movement, and soon your body will begin to imagine that your mind is actually sleeping. This will lead you to enter into a “sleep paralysis state” (this is exactly what we are wanting to achieve).

3. Maintain Your Consciousness

To learn how to lucid dream the next time you sleep, you need to note this point. Be fully aware that you will be entering a dream. If failed maintaining your consciousness – you will end up having a usual dream.

4. Observe Some Weird Sensations That Might Come Up

After you enter into your dream, you will probably begin to see some series of pictures before your eyes, and your body will start to feel numb and light. It is possible to see even moving colors, hear sounds or voices. Do not worry as these are completely natural and happen usually while lucid dreaming. You have to be calm and passively observe things happening around. You need to keep your calm until the images you see becomes vivid and clear.

5. Enter Into The Lucid Dream

The final step is to enter into the real lucid dream. Explore all those vivid pictures you are seeing. You will be required to use all your senses so that you will be able to form a story based on what you are seeing. It is recommended that after you realize that you entered the lucid dream, you go on flying, swimming or running (or all of them), so you can explore the most from the new world you will find yourself in.

Soon, all sensations you will be feeling will become highly real and vivid. As a result, you have entered a phase called “WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)” and you are experiencing your own lucid dream. Feel free to do whatever you want in there, you are the creator of that world, you have full power over it!

Video tutorial on lucid dreaming

Why And How This Method Works?

This approach works since it takes complete care of every aspect to which you are connected within your lucid dream. This is a very important trick used to achieve lucid dreaming.

5 Steps Of Optimal WILD Approach (details below)

  1. Learn to do a WILD
  2. Learn also about MILD and then integrate it with WILD (explanation of MILD below)
  3. Learn WBTB and then integrate it with WILD (explanation of WBTB below)
  4. Optimize the body and brain chemistry
  5. Optimize the brainwaves

Detailed Description Of The 5 Steps Listed Above


WILD is the abbreviated form of Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.

It is created when you make your body think that your brain is sleeping while you are still fully sustaining your consciousness. Using this method, your brain skips sleeping (keeping your consciousness fully awake), while the rest of your body is sleeping deeply.

How to do WILD?

Step 1: Prepare

  • Ensure that you won’t be interrupted by anything or anyone
  • You will have to darken your room and isolate it from external sounds - complete silence is needed

Step 2: Relax

  • Lay down with your back straight and find a comfortable position because you shouldn’t move for 20 or 30 minutes. Even slight irritations will cause distractions for your brain and body, and you may not be able to achieve a lucid dream.
  • Relax one body part at one time - do not rush the process, take things slow and calm.

Step 3: Concentrate Internally And Don’t Move An Inch

As I mentioned before, you might have some urges to move your body, but don’t do this - suppress your urges. You need to be calm and need to explore the things you will slowly start to imagine.

Step 4: Enter Your Dream

  • Option 1 = once you begin experiencing sleep paralysis, you will realize that everything that you will imagine, immediately materializes in front of you. Think of your desired destination for your next trip and you will be right there in that place, in an instant. You will soon realize that you are just an observer watching that location, and you have full control over it.
  • Option 2 = At times, after your will experience sleep paralysis, you may have a "transparent eyelids effects". This is when your dream body and your physical body will overlap. But beware, if you will try to move, then you may end waking yourself up and ending your dream. In this state, you may start seeing weird things floating around inside the room you are sleeping, while you are still in the bed, unable to move.

2. MILD = Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dreams

This is a trick used to increase your chance of experiencing a lucid dream in your sleep. There are multiple ways of using this method. However, the ones that work best are:

  • Repeating affirmations before you fall asleep
  • Increasing the desire to achieve a lucid dream
  • Having a proper plan of what you will be doing inside the lucid dream

3. WBTB = Wake Back To Bed

This concept is using your consciousness when you are waking from a good nights sleep. You have to tell your body that you are still sleeping, while keeping your consciousness in your mind. The most favorable conditions for achieving lucid dreams using the WILD method are after 6-hours of quality sleep. It works because you had adequate sleep during the night and you will have a fully alert consciousness when you are falling back to sleep.

4. Optimizing Your Body's Chemistry

A fresh orange juice helps relaxing your body while keeping your brain 100% active. 30 minutes before you are going to bed, drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This will help a lot.

5. Optimize Your Brainwaves

Here is a fun fact: when our brain is hears two distinct sound frequencies coming from every ear, it will creates a 3rd frequency that will level the difference out, so you will experience a smooth sound from both of your ears (although, the frequencies differ in reality). A new method (that is based on this principle), known as “binaural beats” will help you get into a hypnotic state, where lucid dreaming is very easy to be achieved. This kind of music uses a particular frequency to alter the mind’s state and to elevate it's powers. If everything else fails, give this a try, you won't regret it.

Additional Tips On How To Lucid Dream Easily?

Below are certain additional tips on how to lucid dream with ease. If you are having difficulties in achieving your first lucid dream, you should follow also these recommendations carefully. Otherwise, you may skip these steps.

  • Sleep on a regular schedule and set your alarm to wake you up after 6 hours of sleep
  • Stay awake for at least 1 ½ hours
  • Drink a glass of orange juice right after waking up
  • In last 30 minutes before going to sleep, read your dream journals and lucid dreaming techniques and then write down on a piece of paper what you are wanting to dream about in your lucid dream
  • 5 minutes prior going to bed again, ensure that you won’t be interrupted in your process of getting a lucid dream
  • For 2 minutes repeat in your head: “I’m lucid dreaming” and visualize your lucid dream in your head
  • Perform the WILD trick from above
  • Be calm and explore your dream deeply


Thank you for reading this article, I hope it will help you create your own lucid dreams the first time you will try getting them, maybe even tonight!

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