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Earn Real Money Writing Articles Online

Updated on June 25, 2014

Making income by writing for online sites can seem like a joke gone wrong, but it is actually possible and very real. When you begin to write online you will come in contact with numerous of scams and sites that barely pay enough to make any purchases or help with small bills, but there are other sites that are "the real deal," if you are willing to put time and effort into your work. Although it might seems as though legitimate sites don't exist, they do. There are a several sites available that you can work long term for; just as if you were working at a full-time job. Some of these sites may take a while for you to generate enough income to pay large bills or completely stop working, but it is possible. Working at home by writing online articles is a great way for people who prefer to stay at home to generate income for bills and other necessities.


If you are searching for freelance writing jobs began searching on the Craigslist website. On Craigslist companies are looking for people to ghost write e-books, write blogs, write articles for online magazines, etc. They have plenty of opportunities available to you ranging at different pay-rates. Many of these opportunities allow you to work from home, therefore the odds of you finding a legitimate writing job will greatly increase if you search on Craigslist in several other states as well. Yes there will be plenty of people asking you to work for experience or for a low pay, but if you search hard for a good paying company you will definitely end up with rewarding results. In addition, the company that hires you will be able to recommend you to other companies who are in need of article writers. It is very important that you research the company that is considering hiring you and ask for references to be sure they are legit. You should also ask for a certain percentage of the pay before beginning the assignment; if you have decent samples they should not have a problem with that proposition.

Demand Studios

I actually worked for this site for a while. People have different opinions about the site, but I say its a great way to generate income if you are committed and able to write quality articles quickly. Demand Studios pays you a flat rate per article; they also have filmmaker and copy editor positions. There is an application process you have to complete prior to the company hiring you as a writer. The application itself is easy to complete, but they only hire a select amount of individuals so make sure your writing sample and resume are excellent quality. If you are hired all of your work will be submitted to an editor who will decide if the quality of the article is acceptable, if not you will be able to make corrections. If you commit full time hours to this company you will be able to make a decent amount of money, given that there are titles available.

There are many other sites that also pay per article: Textbroker, Break Studios, Odesk, etc. Keep in mind that once these articles are sold, you are no longer the owner. If you would like to keep ownership of your articles, I recommend that you try revenue sharing sites.

Revenue Sharing Sites

Revenue sharing sites are awesome because they give you a certain percentage of the revenue that you earn from the ads that are displayed next to your article. It may take a few months to notice any money coming in, but as long as you have a plenty of quality articles you will see an increase in page views which means an increase in income. It will be smart to write about topics in which you are considered an expert or topics that you can thoroughly research. Most revenue sharing sites pay you through PayPal, therefore if you come across a site that does not use this option be sure to research it a bit more because it may not be legit. There are many revenue sharing sites available and most are pretty easy to find. A few sites I love include: Hubpages, Squidoo, Suite101, and Helium.

Happy Writing!

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