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How to Properly Care For Green Tree Frogs

Updated on February 12, 2016


First, you need a well set up tank, and nice healthy frogs. This will include safe bedding, decorations, plants, water, hiding places, and places to climb. For more information on setting up your tank, and getting your frogs, see my other article called "How to Properly Set Up a Green Tree Frog Tank."

"Can you see both of us?"  Green tree frogs like to blend in to their surroundings.
"Can you see both of us?" Green tree frogs like to blend in to their surroundings.


There are many ways that you can feed your pet. Let's start with what types of food. There are small crickets, meal worms, meal worm beetles, and pretty much anything else at the pet store or online that can be fed to green tree frogs. Do NOT feed them wild insects, unless your green tree frog is wild. Most green tree frogs you buy from the pet store are captive bred, and are not used to some bacterias and sicknesses found in the wild. They are not immune to them at all. If you do want to save some money on food, breed your food. That is something that is very helpful to me and can save me a lot of money. See my other articles about breeding food coming soon. Now lets move on to how you feed them, and proportions. First, you must know that 1 or 2 crickets is More than enough. Do not over load them with food. Especially when they can not eat them all. When there are extra crickets in the cage, they can actually bite and harm your frogs! Ok, lets move on. I like to feed them 1 or 2 crickets every 3 days, or every other day. What, you think that I am starving them? Nope. In the wild, they eat about that much. Plus, again, it saves you more money that way. You can feed them once a day, but you don't need to feed them that much. But, it can be worth your money, because feeding them can actually be fun! When you first get them you will probably just have to release the cricket and let it hunt it down. But, once they get to know you and trust you, they will eat from your fingers! And you can even train them with food, just like dogs, but it is hard, and I won't get into that. Now you know all of the tips and procedures for feeding, lets move on.


Yes, I know, the dreaded word, cleaning. But it has to be done for your little climbing friend to be safe and healthy. You will want to do it every one to two weeks. First, if you see any droppings, it would be best to scoop them out, even though if you have dirt, they will just become dirt also. but is is kind to your little friend. Then, Look around the tank, fix anything wrong, and look for any hazards. I know when I have cleaned my tank, I have found a couple things that needed to be fixed to keep my frogs safe. The next step is for people with a water feature. I am not talking about a water bowl that you just take out rinse, fill and put back in. So if that is you, move on the the next step. If you have a built in water feature, or a large one, this is for you. I am sure the water gets dirty, with food, dirt, other bedding being dragged in there when the frog goes in, and other stuff. If there is big stuff like food, take it out with a spoon or a net. If the water is just murky, you will need to replace it with clean water. There are many ways to do this. First, if you have a waterfall, just hold a bag up to it, and let the water drain into it. Dump and repeat the process until water is gone. Second, you can siphon it out in to a bucket with a fish tank siphon, until water is gone. Last, and most tedious option, use a cup to scoop out until water is gone. After you are done, replace the water with DECHLORINATED water. The same goes for frogs as does fish. They can absorb toxic chemicals to them that are in our tap water through their skin. Once you have done this, you can move on to the next step.

Handling and humidity.

You do not want to handle your little friend too much. Again, they can absorb toxic soaps, lotions, and oils from your hands. Be sure to wash your hands before and after you handle them, because they can carry salmonella. You also want your humitdity to be fairly high. This can happen with a humidifier, misting the tank every day, even twice a day, or having a water feature. Green tree frogs live in rain forests that are very wet and humid. You also want your tank to be in the high seventies low eighties, which will also help with the humidity.

How often do you clean your tank?

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"Clean my water!"  This water is getting a little dirty, and needs to be cleaned.
"Clean my water!" This water is getting a little dirty, and needs to be cleaned.


You now know how to properly care for green tree frogs and there tank. Green tree frogs are very fun to have, and will provide much excitement in your home. I would love to see pictures of your tree frog tank in the comments below. Have fun!


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