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How to Sell Comic Books on eBay

Updated on April 25, 2017
Bat Man Comic Book
Bat Man Comic Book | Source

When selling comic books on eBay, it's important to have a basic knowledge about comic books such as current selling trends, how to grade condition and current market values. Collectors are looking for hard-to-find issues in pristine condition. Early #1 issues, special editions and comics introducing popular characters are also desirable. Common comics do not sell well.

Great Reference Book for Collectors

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 47
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 47

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is a great resource for collectors and sellers. The book is packed with information about market trends, grading standards, price updates, etc. The book contains 1200 pages.

The Lone Ranger Comic Book
The Lone Ranger Comic Book | Source

Tips for Selling Comic Books on eBay

Choosing A Title: Your title is the most important element in getting your auction before the public. Use the title of your comic book and issue number in the title, so it can be found in eBay search results and in web results.

Category: Comic books are listed in the Collectibles category. Choose a sub-category such as Golden Age (1938-55), Silver Age (1956-69), Bronze Age (1970-83), Copper Age (1984-91), Modern Age (1992-Now), Collections, etc. After choosing a sub-category, you may choose a genre, depending on the sub-category.

Description: Writing an informative description can increase your chances of selling your item. List the title, issue number and publication date of the comic in your description. Count the pages to be sure there are no pages missing. Always describe the condition of the comic book mentioning any creases, discoloring, stains, rust on staples, etc. Be honest!

Photographs: Clear concise photographs of the comic book are very important and essential. Take photos of the front and back of the book, so bidders can see the condition of the cover. Include a few photos of the inside so buyers can see the condition inside. Take close-up photos of any problem areas.

Starting Price: Start your auction with a fair price. If your starting price is too high, you may not get bidders.

Shipping Fees: You may choose to ship internationally or within the US. If you choose to sell within the US only, you can insure your package and get delivery confirmation. Buyers consider shipping costs when making a purchase on eBay, so keep your shipping fees fair and reasonable. Offer combined shipping when possible.

Return Policy: Standing behind your product may dramatically increase your sales. When you guarantee your items are exactly as described and offer a full refund if they are not, buyers feel comfortable making a purchase from you. When listing an auction, you must specify your return policy at the end of the auction even if your policy is "no returns".

Packaging: Be sure your comics are properly packaged before shipping to prevent damage in transit. Comics should be backed with cardboard (acid free if possible) and placed in an acid free plastic sleeve before placing in a mailing envelope or box. Always package your eBay items professionally!

Shipping Your Item: Printing your shipping label through eBay shipping or PayPal shipping is convenient and provides a permanent shipping receipt for your records. If you pay for postage at your post office, always keep receipts for your records.

Getting Comics Ready to Sell

Comics - Collectible and Fun

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National Comic Book Day - September 25

Every year comic book collectors and fans celebrate National Comic Book Day on September 25th.

Comic books as we know them today have been around since the Famous Funnies comic book appeared in 1933. The book was a collection of reprinted newspaper comic strips. Superman was the first superhero introduced in Action Comics #1 in 1938, the beginning of the Golden Age.

Tarzan Comic Book
Tarzan Comic Book | Source

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