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How to Act Confident Around Girls; Part 1

Updated on March 7, 2012


I was never the best looking guy in school. I also was not the worst looking guy, but I was observant. And I learned a lot from this. This is what separated me from the rest of the guys. I did not let the clothes I wore, name brand or not, dictate who I was or whom I spoke to. Was I confident or caulky I don’t know. But I was successful speaking to girls. I was who I was. And I had friends in all the social circles. I was not afraid to be friends with anyone. Sure I had some guys and girls I hung around with more often than others. Just remember your connections can always be manipulated to your advantage in almost any situation.

For example if an attractive girl you like is friends with an unattractive girl she is friends with you have something in common as well as you can come off as a nice guy who is friends with an unattractive girl. Everything helps towards the end result. The unattractive girl could even introduce you to her attractive friend.

There was always one thing that I had noticed while I was hanging around, which I did a lot of. Some guys were popular with the ladies and some weren’t. Not just the most popular guys either. Nerds and band geeks were having successes talking to girls in their social circles too. This made me realize that there are several levels of popularity in school. Some kids are considered the most popular and then everyone gets less popular from there. But even in these different classes of popularity I call them sub-classes of popularity. There are some guys who seem to be the most popular in there classes.

What I mean is, the most popular kids in school have the hot ones and the not so hot ones. Then you could have some slightly less popular kids who in his or her sub-class are the most popular and project confidence and are able to intelligently speak to girls. To break it down even further the band kids, drama kids, the smart kids, and the hippies all of these possible sub classes have some kids who would be considered more popular than others. This leads me to my first point. I observed one common trait in these dominant men and woman. Confidence, or the lack there of in some cases. The guys who had the most success in speaking to girls had or portaid confidence. And the guys who did not have success talking to girls did not project confidence.

Some guys acted very confident when they were around girls and seemed to know what to say to make them laugh or to make them blush. Really all I say was a show, it was such bullshit. but it worked. And there are all kinds of shows.

Some guys act like jerks and GIRLS like it.

Some guys ignore girls and some GIRLS love it.

Some guys lie to a GIRL and they know it, yet she loves it.

Some guys act sensitive and caring towards GIRLS

Has anyone seen a pattern here? This brings me to my second point. The GIRL has a lot to do with it. Not only do you need to act confidently when you speak to A GIRL. You also need to have spent some time learning about what it is that the girl you like, enjoys. This means thinking of some one other than your self for a few minutes, and pay attention to the details.

You are going to at most act like you care about the things she likes. Complimenting her along the way.

So in short when you are speaking to a woman you MUST act and project confidence. Do not blabber on. Speak in calm short well thought out sentences.

Spend some time observing before you jump into a situation or converdsation with a girl. Learn a little about her likes and dislikes. This will give you the chance to determine potential topics of conversation as well as similarities in you personalities.

This is what I will give you for now let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.



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    • roxanne459 profile image

      Roxanne Lewis 5 years ago from Washington

      Confindence is key in most situations in life but, especially with GIRLS. I know, I am one. :) Good hub!