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How to Write on a Topic You Know Nothing About

Updated on May 21, 2012

I have heard a lot of complaints from writers that If they don’t know about a certain topic they will not write about it. This leads to freelance writers missing out on a lot of opportunities to put their own unique twist on the subject matter they happen to be writing about even if you’re an expert or not. I’m going to list a few things that you can do to ensure that you write great article and also know that you don’t have to be an expert subject maker on any particular topic you write about.

Whew!! Felt good to hear that you don’t need to be an expert subject writer on any particular topic huh? Letting go of the fear that you are holding on to with writing is the first step. All writers have encountered it at one time or another. Now back to the subject at hand. How do you write something that you have little or no knowledge of?

First word Research...

At your finger tips you have the greatest resource ever available to you as a writer in the modern day, the internet. Out here in this vast cosmos of literary, factual and the weary fraudulent place there is great information for you on any subject. With many types of different search engines and knowledge bases for you to access looking up information on any subject could not be easier. Research is the first key to writing an article on something you know nothing about.

Second Word Audience...

To be successful in writing about something you know nothing about you first have to research it. When you have gathered enough information on the subject at hand and have a basic understanding. You have to sit down and start writing but, the first step in this exercise is to know your audience. Is your audience other experts, hobbyists or the casual readers? Being able to target your audience is a great way to know how in-depth your knowledge on the subject needs to be.

Third Word Original...

Knowing your audience is very important and with knowing your audience you have to be able to write to tailor to their needs. The first step in writing to tailor you r audience is to weather it is for a casual reader or a hobbyist is to be original in content. The more original you are the more interesting your article will be to the reader. You can make it from a different angle then what you have found on your research even if it on the same topic. Yours will stand out more and provide a better reading experience then if you plagiarized. So be as original as you can and remember to provide credit where credit is due.

Fourth Word Simple..

Three ways to keep it simple

Who, what, where, why, and when: The classic journalism article just outlines the topic by answering each of these questions. Tell your readers the basics about your topic, and they will always be interested.

Checklist styles: If you have a list of tips, ideas, facts, or even questions, a bullet style format is always appropriate. Bonus: in today’s busy world, readers are sure to appreciate your brevity.

Definition: If you have a complicated topic, such as the stock market, a definition article is great style to use. Simply define your subject, tell readers a little about the history and offer examples to help them understand how it works. That’s it!

Fifth Word Hubpages...

So you have written now a great article and are unsure where to get the most exposed for it well, there is only one word for that and its Hubpages. Hubpages will provide you a great location and a great outlet to let all your creative and not so creative juices flowing.

So Remember you don’t need to know everything about a subject matter. Just follow these simple steps and you will succeed in writing a great article. Research your subject matter where you know enough about it. Second make sure you are writing for your intended audience. Third keep it original and do not copy. Fourth keep it simple and follow your basic steps. Finally fifth write with Hubpages or another source of your choosing wheather a blog or website to reach your targeted audience.



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  • NP.QUEEN profile image

    NP.QUEEN 7 years ago from Dubai

    Thank you for the tips of writing. Pls try to go through my hubs also.

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 7 years ago from Florida

    you bring up some very good points.. I guess it is defineing the individual and what there actual motive are in the light of the situation at the moment in time since motives in writing are constantly changing

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    As Don W commented 14 months back, it is a useful Hub. It is also very likely that a good writer can write on just about any subject, just as a good speaker can deliver an impromptu speech on just about any topic - but will it have any depth? Will it actually provide some really useful and insightful information, let alone grab them emotionally? Will they just read and forget? Or will it get into their hearts and stay there?

    Maybe the freelancer you're talking about isn't concerned about that. What they're after is the pay check. Or simply meeting a challenge. But are such really writers? Well, now we get into subjectivity. And that's a different subject altogther.

  • Don W profile image

    Don W 8 years ago

    Very useful hub. You cover the points in one hub that it took me 4 weeks to learn.