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How to be a Joker

Updated on February 17, 2008

Everyone loves a joker! It isn't difficult to be the jokester in your group of friends. Did you ever wonder how the class clown pulled it off? I'll share a little secret with you: it wasn't tough. You simply have to let loose, not worry what people care about, and have fun. Before you know it, everyone around you will be shaking their heads in wonder and you will cracking yourself up.

The Life of a Joker

Being a joker really means that you let your imagination run wild. Think of the craziest, most extreme situation, and run with it. You will have more fun than you ever knew possible. Your friends and family might think you are a bit extreme, but it’s worth the laughs.

A joker likes to have fun, seeing the comedy and humor at any time. What exactly does this mean? Okay, let’s say your roommate snores. Do you get upset, freak out, and complain about it? Of course not—you make it a fun joke.

Note: I don’t want to be obscene, so I will replace every swear word with FCC. I’m sure you can figure out what the FCC is covering for (because I’ll rhyme, or you’ll figure it out because it is so obvious: I’m going to the bathroom to take a FCC).

So, instead of yelling at your roommate for snoring, make up a song. It could go like this:

There was a girl who could not sleep,

For the roomie had to snore.

The box took its time to beep

For the one becoming a FCC.

And, so the girl did not sleep,

But still swore-

For one day this girl will find a way

To make someone snore no more.

Be sure to sing it all the time around your roommate, particularly when her friends are present. Either the snoring will come to an end or the roommate will move out. Either way, you will have a lot of fun entertaining everyone with your song. (By the way, the FCC word starts with a w and rhymes with snore.)

These Jokers Started Young!

Pranks - Laugh out Loud

Say you don’t like your job. Don’t get angry and rebel, just write a poem and publish it everywhere. It will make everyone laugh. An example of a poem would be:

Ode to Dumb Job

A new person always comes,

Untouched as a tender, young flower,

To this place, this corporation,

The one and only FCC Bauer.

The clothes we hang

And fold with a board

For the people to buy

To add to their hoard.

Sell! Sell!

The managers cry,

To make all the people

Buy and buy!

Who cares what anyone

Might need?

The thing to think about

Is personal greed.

Open all those FCCing

Credit accounts

So they’ll buy clothes in

Large amounts.

Let them go into debt,

FCC their credit,

Forget they are people,

Oh yes, we take debit!

Bow down to corporate.

We are their gimps

Taking whatever they give

Cuz they are our pimps.

Do what they want

Or they throw a fit,

But wait, who gives a FCC?

I quit.

These are just some examples of things you can do. You can also pull lots of practical jokes. Or, find a couple of jokes you like, and repeat them all to everyone. All you have to do is find your niche as a jokester. Good luck and happy joking to you! Let me know how it goes.


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