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Reading A Good Book

Updated on August 25, 2013

Which book should I read

Choosing which book to read can be very confusing. There is a multitude of topics for you to choose from. So which one? Well it's not so difficult if you tackle it in the right way.

I suggest you go to your local library and have look around it. You will be able to have a look at lots differing books, read the dust jacket blurb. You will know your book, it will be the one you cannot put down.

The library can introduce you to your book in other ways as well, here's what happened to me.....

I remember walking home from work one evening thinking, what could I do to make my boring walk home more interesting? And the answer came to me in a flash of inspiration..... read a book! As luck would have it, I passed a library on my journey. I decided there and then that I would pop into the library on the way home the next day and choose a book. But which book should I choose? I decided to think about it overnight and try and come up with a short list of topics for potential books to read.

Having had all night and all day to sort out a short list of books to read you would think I would be prepared, but no definitely not in my case.

The Paint Making Poet

This is one of my paint making poet
This is one of my paint making poet

How I made my mind up

I walked into the library and made my way to the middle isle of books. After about ten minutes I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, It was the librarian,

"hello can I help you?" She asked.

And I of course could not think of anything clever to say to her in reply. But hang on a second, she actually wants to help me. So on giving it a little more thought I decided that if she couldn't help me, her being a librarian, no one could. But before I could say anything else she asked,

"Is that paint on your overalls wet?" Well I was taken aback by that.

I wanted to vanish into an hole, never to emerge again. But I needed her help, so I answered her question,

"It's dry, I wouldn't come in here with dirty overalls," I said.

She just walked away "tutting" to herself.

This won't be love at first sight then, I thought to myself. No whirlwind romance, no quick elopement to some far off exotic land, I was totally smitten by her up until that point. And there I had It, the answer to my question, which book should I read? I thought, that was a really poetical incident. A chance meeting of opposite souls, unrequited love, a misunderstanding, two ships passing in the night, a very poetical moment indeed.

I walked out of there a changed man with an arm full of poetry books, Wordsworth, keats, etc. I hope one day to return and do a reading of my poetry, will she remember me, do I care? I suppose I do really, I want to thank her for the part she played in turning me from being just a paint maker, and into a paint making poet.

Which book should I read? Sorted.



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    • Tony the writer profile image

      Tony the writer 7 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Thonks for taking the time to read my hubs queenpoetica. I am really glad you like my style of writings.

    • queenpoetica profile image

      queenpoetica 7 years ago from England

      Chance meetings in the library - you should write a poem about it. Your way of choosing what to read must be quite unique, not the library bit, the poetic bit. It made me smile.