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How to come up with titles when writing online articles

Updated on June 23, 2011

No matter how good you may be when it comes to writing online, there will come a time when you run out of topics to write on. And no matter how much in-depth knowledge you may have about a topic you may still face a dry spell on angles to write from. But oddly, those are the two of the most common ways you can be sure that you will not run out of topics to write on: being a good writer, so much so that you can spin a tale in more ways than one and being such an expert on the subject matter that you can write about it using different subjects related to the topic. But what else is there?

Topic ideas for online writing
Topic ideas for online writing

Adding keywords to your title

One simple trick is using keywords, or rather adding a keyword or key phrase to the tile. For example, if your articles are about ‘writing online’ you can keep churning out stories about it by adding words or phrases that you would assume people will be looking for when searching for articles about writing online. So, unless they are published writers who have no need for money, most people will be looking for writing online and making money while they are at it. Hence, your keyword: ‘making money’.

That first story on writing online can now be made into at least two more stories with titles ‘Writing online – making money’ and ‘Making money writing online’. After these two articles you can look for more keywords to add. For example, you can go on to specific writing types by adding words like ‘blogging’, ’content’, ‘article’ and ‘freelance’. You now have at least four more article titles: ‘Making money writing online – blogging’, ‘Making money writing online – freelancing’ etc. Also, you can change the position of the words to come up with different meanings. It all comes down to your creativity.

Writing from different angles

The second trick is to look at your subject topic from different angles. There are almost countless perspectives from which any given topic can be addressed. And that gives a writer the same number of ways an article topic can be written as. For example, let us again assume you are writing articles about making money online. You can approach it as a critic saying ‘Can you really make money working online?’, as a participant from the first person angle with ‘How I make money writing online’ or as a second person with ‘How you can make money writing online’. You can even write in various tenses: ‘How I made money writing online’ or ‘How I plan to make money writing online’.

If you are an expert on how to make money writing online you can even go in deeper and write about the different ways people make money by writing online, which websites pay more for article writing, payment methods that are used to transfer money online, how to start out when looking for writing jobs… the angles are just innumerable and it is all limited by your imagination.

Creativity needs an open mind to set it free

But it all boils down to one thing: and that is whether or not you enjoy writing in the first place. If you don’t, then writing about the same topic, even once, will become a challenge. Creativity needs an open mind to set it free – otherwise it is a permanent writers’ block!


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