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How to create your own newspaper on

Updated on November 18, 2013

The platform

The platform is a marvellous network that gives you access to publishing of inummerable blog-posts,articles and intellectual web content .

This platform is useful for media lovers, editors,networkers who are willing to expose thieir best creative work and share it with more social networks including,Twitter,Facebook,Google+,Linkedin and more .


How to start

On this hub I am willing to share with you my experience on creating my first online newspaper entitled (alike my whole network) Academy of Inner Light .

First of all go to Google searce and type "Paper.Li".Choose the link that transfers you to this network , which is " a publisher".

Alternatively ,if you have a Facebook account ,visit the FB Page and click on the app or click on the Academy of Inner Light Newspaper.

On the upper level choose Learn more >How it works and scroll down the page (it's useful to read first the instructions...) and try the "GET STARTED" blue button.


Sign up and format options

There are two sign up options using

  • Twitter account
  • Facebook account

as well as two types of newspaper formats pro

All info is given entirely on the Learn more about page, the Product blog and the Community blog.

Share and Subscribe buttons

Share and Subscribe buttons are helpful tools to share the content with a greater nework base and also gain fans who are interested in the content value given upon the selected articles on the newspaper.


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