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How to find the best urban fiction novels anywhere?

Updated on July 5, 2016

Find the Best Urban Fiction Novel

How to find the best urban fiction novel anywhere?

  1. Determine where you want to look—This is usually a leading decision because there are many places in which you can search for novels. For instance there are community libraries, online retailers, book retailers, and apps. Each of these are appealing in their own right. Typically, if you want to stay in your neighborhood or community, search the shelves yourself, finger through worn pages, and enjoy a quiet place the library is where you should search for your urban fiction novel. On the other hand if you are looking to buy directly off a website, be the first to receive a novel, have your own personal copy, receive an instant copy or mail in just a few days, an online retailer is for you. Book retailers, are similar to both libraries and online retailers as they allow you to search the shelves yourself, touch the pages of a novel, make an order to be delivered, and receive your own copy. Finally, apps are similar to online retailers in the sense that reading a book can be via the Internet. However, apps are different than online retailers in the sense that they normally do not charge. Books are free! Make this determination early on then decide what you are looking to read.
  2. Determine what you are looking to read—At this point you know where you are looking for this novel, whether that be the library or an app. Now you need to classify the type of novel in which you want to read. In order to do so search or browse around first. Then decide if you want to read an urban fiction novel that is more romantic, meaning; the stories plot centers around love or characters falling in love. Or decide if you want to read a novel that is filled with action from cover to cover. This type of urban fiction novel is typically suspenseful with crime, violence, and corruption outplaying. Authors normally write these scenes as car crashes, shootings, fistfights, an unforeseen death, underground trades, etc. Or decide if you want a novel that utilizes and encompasses both of these genres. These are the best urban fiction novels because nothing is left out, as you get romance yet action. This makes the urban fiction novel an all out drama dripping with suspense. After you determine what you are looking to read search that place from before and make sure they have your ideal novel. If not resort to the next place and search until you have it. But don’t stop there!
  3. Pay attention to details once you find a handful of books—After you’ve narrowed down the place and the type of novel you are looking for, it is now time to check for the details. While searching the shelves or online look for that romantic or action urban fiction literature that stands out.


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