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How to make a marriage successful?

Updated on November 18, 2008
A Beautiful Wedding
A Beautiful Wedding

How to Make Marriage Successful

 How to Make Marriage Successful?

This is an interesting question that many of us have asked for years. I say the only way any relationship will work is through communication. Communication is the key for  marriage. As long as there is communication, you have a better understanding of one another.

This is where most marriages fall apart. The couple simply stop communicating with one another. This may not come from lack of love for each other, it could come from lack of time with each other. Sometimes a job may be demand long hours. By the time the couple reach home, they are just too tired to talk. I recommend setting aside time each day just to talk to each other.

Prayer is another thing that make marriages successful. There is a phrase," the couple that prays together, stays together." I find that to be true. If the couple is praying together, they are making their request made known to God and each other. Another form of communication. This opens the door for improvements. If a couple has issues, they can be worked out in prayer. Putting God first in the marriage is important because the couple would want to be pleasing to God, and in pleasing God they please each other.

Love is so important. If there is no love, there is no marriage. Why be married if you don't love each other. Love covers the multitude of sins and is needed to forgive when one another is wrong. Forgive quick. Never go to bed angry. Apologize when wrong and praise when right. Never place the blame. Take responsibility for your own actions and ask for forgiveness. 

Do not violate the laws of marriage. Stick to the vows made. If you can not find any other reason to stay married, remember your vows and make them priority. Often we get so wrapped up in everyday life that we forget to daily spark the romance. Reciting the vows and the reasons you fell in love with eachother will go along way. If done daily or often, your spouse will fall in love with you even the more. Nothing like a bride remembering her wedding day. That makes her fall in love over and over and over again.

Trust is an issue that shouldn't be an issue. You must have trusted each other before getting married, don't change it now. Once trust is broken, it is hard to get it back. Therefore, don't do the things that could make you untrustworthy. Don't spend the money for the electric bill on a new purse. Or don't spend the money for the mortgage for a new lawn mower. Spending money the way it was discussed builds trust. When the money is spent on other things than what was discussed, proves dishonesty and dishonesty builds mistrust.Never tell your spouse you went out with your friends and you went somewhere else without them. Never give your spouse any reason to question your where abouts. Plain and simple, just keep it 100% honest at all times.

Go on dates often. Atleast twice a month. Dating your spouse is fun and exciting. That brings you both to a time where you enjoyed each other's company and couldn't wait to see each other again. If money allows, get a hotel room every once in awhile. Pretend that you are still dating instead of being married. Believe me courting is still appealing even after marriage. That is the problem why some marriages stop working. The couple took the courtship out and became a regular old married couple. Dinner and a movie is always good. If you don't want to go out, order some pizza or Chinese food and catch a good movie at home and cuddle together.

Change up on intimacy. Keep the passion alive. Ladies, you might have to get some new bedroom attire and try new things. Romance your man. Men love romance too especially if you are a homemaker. If he worked all day, make sure the house is clean and his dinner is cooked. I have to say this, if you have children, make sure they are clean and hair done when he comes home. Make yourself beautiful. Last thing a man want to see when he comes home is the house a wreck, and you and the children are looking a mess. Run his bathwater for a change. Get some candles and smell goods and give him a bath. Work your stuff. Make him remember the reason he married you in the first place. Make your bedroom a honeymoon suite.  

Gentlemen, the greatest turnoff is lack of compassion and concern. If your wife is a homemaker, find out how her day went. Never take for granted that she is unimportant because she doesn't have a paying job. Her job she does without thinking, she never get paid to do. If she was to tally up all her jobs she does around the house and for you, you couldn't pay for her worth. Take time to listen to her. You'll find out just what type of mood she is in just by her talking to you. Same for you ladies. Just because he pays all the bills doesn't give you the right to take him for granted. Have her bathwater ready sometimes. Take the kids out for a couple of hours just so she can have a break to regroup. Bring home flowers every so often just to show your appreciation for her. Make her feel as love and important as the day that you married her.

Don't let in laws, family, or friends dictate your marriage. A marriage is between you two. When it is all said and done, none of them will be there to pick up the pieces. You have joined to each other not the outsiders. Keep your friends out of your marital business. Solve all your problems yourselves. The less people know about your affairs , the better you can work through them with a pure mind.

I can say all these things because this is what I practice. I have been married for 5 years now. I have exceeded the statistic of the one year marriage. I counsel marriage for a living. If you take this simple free advice you will do well. I wish all the love and success to your marriage and may God keep it forever.


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    • profile image

      Chelsey 5 years ago

      Gr8!!!!!!! it's really nice and helpful post for us.

    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 9 years ago from India

      The answer for this question can be given by the Spouse themselves..