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How to become a Professional Writer?

Updated on November 20, 2014

A Good Writer, Must be a Good Reader

Since Childhood, I have been fond of reading stories and novels. I may be from a non-English Country. But, We will be having English as a subject, since our Schooling.

William Shakespeare, a great writer, whose name needs no introduction, who can present a clear view of imagination, in his writings. And His writing "Romeo and Juliet" was one of the best love stories, I have read ever. Hamlet, Two Gentlemen of Verona and Merchant of Venice etc, were his famous writings.

Mark Twain was a successful writer, for his novels. I really love "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" were simply superb. I might have heard the name, Tom Sawyer, during my childhood in the story "Monday Morning". I really don't know, how a child, who hates to attend school on Monday, has turned up an adventurous Hero, as he grows up. This might be one of the creative things, a writer can do.

Let me remind Sir Arthor Canon Doyle, a writer of mysteries. And that hound in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" was gigantic in figure. No one in this world will got a chance to see it in real life, But, he has shown it to every one, through his writing. And the main characters in that story "Sherlock Holmes and Watson" were one of the Great Detectives, I have ever seen. Once there was a time, when I used to change my name to Watson.

There were many more great writers, who always make us learn something new, from their writings. But, the real fact behind these great works, was "A Good Speaker must be a Good Listener", in the same way, "A Good Writer must be a Good Reader".

I know myself, that, I am a Good Reader (may be none of my friends, won't agree with me). Let me try myself, to show my skills, to let the world recognize me as a Writer.

Start writing short Stories

I think, every one in this world, was a professional writer by birth. Because, everyone will have their own life, and the important thing is, how far they will be able to express the same, to others?

During school days, We will have essay writing competitions, where every student tries to write as much as they can, on the topic given by the examiners. At that time, We will have many points to remember, to win the competition. We have to present it in a prescribed format. First comes the "Introduction". Later, Comes the "Summary" , If we really want to make it something special, we must give it an apt title, to attract readers. After Summary, We have to provide the body of the topic and proper examples, if necessary.

We must be perfect in expressing our views and let others recognize as a good writer. Later, we will write the Pros and cons of the topic. And Finally, We will end up the writing with "Conclusion".

So, The journey of writing, begins from School. But, How far, we will be able to present our skills, marks the importance. No one needs to be a professional writer, to write anything.

Start Writing Short stories, and show them to your friends or family members, Ask them, to review your work, and give some suggestions or remarks. This will enable you to improve your writings. It may be preferable to make them find out your mistakes, so that, you will not repeat for the second time.

Now a days, we can make use of the social networking websites, to show our skills there. We can share our small writings there, so that, the people in the internet will comment something on our writings. Even, You can start writing it in your blog (if you have any), so that, your writings, will be known to this world.

William Shakespeare

My favourite Writer, William Shakespeare
My favourite Writer, William Shakespeare | Source

Mark Twain

mark twain, writer, tom sawyer
mark twain, writer, tom sawyer | Source

Author Canon Doyle

Author Canon Doyle
Author Canon Doyle | Source

Who is your Favorite Writer ?

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Works I have done Earlier.

Before starting my work here, I have written some articles for a website, which pays to its members for short articles. But, I was unable to continue my work there. Because, I was unable to read some non-sense articles there. I may not have a right to say that, I am a professional writer. But, I can write something that make others, learn some interesting facts from it.

I really don't the real meaning of a Professional Writer. I have read many types of stories, writings and even novels. There were many types of using the same language. Every one will have their own way of expressing their own ideas. And It doesn't needs any similarity with any other writers. In my words, A writer will be professional, if he can make others understand his writings, completely. There were many accents of English. Even, spellings differ from place to place. But, Every one will be using the same Language. We don't need long words to express something.

"A picture can represent more than 1000 words" and sometimes "A Short Story can make more than 100000 fans." Our writing should be smart and legible, so that, even a non-writer must understand, what our writing mainly bases up on.

writing | Source

Tips to Become a Professional Writer

1. Never Be Late to Start your Writing

If you want to become a professional writer, Never be late to start your first work. Because, If you were able to write your first article, you will soon find out the mistakes and the skills you will be having, to make your self a good writer. Along with the said above things, You will have a chance to lean more things, if you update yourself with the world.

2. Spend Sometime Everyday, to write anything.

Even, If you have no idea, what to write about. Just start writing something, it may be a hard task for any one in the beginning. But, As soon as you start writing. You will have a chance to learn more topics, and you will sure of deciding yourself, what you can write and what not. Make sure, that no one will disturb you at the time, you have decided to write. This will give much more concentration towards your writings.

3. No Idea, what to write?

As said in the beginning, No person will be a good writer, if he is not a good reader. When ever, you have sometime, read some topics on the internet, or some news paper and even, you can make your own library at home, with various types of books available for you to read. Then, you will get a idea, on how far you will be efficient, to choose the topic, you were about to write. And with in a short time, you will have many topics, to write, this will increase your thoughts and a better performance in your writings too.

4. Writing Plan may help you.

Planning is very important for any one, to get their tasks complete with out much more trouble. Because, A normal man will get salary for once in a month. But, he will have debits round the month. So, How far he will be able to manage all his debits, in that month, with out any plans?

In the same way, you must have a plan, before starting any writing. And you must make sure that, you know that topic, up to a maximum part. Because, It may not be advisable for a arts student, to write any topic on Physics or Chemistry. And Even, a Software Engineer, can write some program for a company, But, he cannot be able to design his company or build it.

If you want to write an article on Software Programming, You must first know the importance of computers in day-to-day life. And how far, we will be using software for our daily needs. You have to give up the idea of Writing on a topic, if you don't have much grip on it. So, Plan, what you have to write, and how you will be able to present in a better way.

5. Who am I?

There exists a hidden writer in any one. But, most of the people, will not know it. So, First know, yourself, your positives and negatives. Your interests and hobbies. It requires a complete analysis of yourself. Ask your friends and family members, about your behavior and the way you will be treated in your house. If you find any thing wrong with your behavior or your skills, just troubleshoot them, and cover them up. There may not exists any perfect person in this world, Better have a thought to be perfect.

6. Have some good friends, who encourages you.

Encouraging someone, may be an easy task. But, doing the same time at hard hour, will have more impact than normal. You want to become a professional writer, and you will say the same to your friends. Some of them, will say that "Its not an easy task." Some will say "You don't have any writing skills." and the remaining will just start laughing. But some of your friends, will encourage you, saying "Lets do it." Cut down your friends, who don't have enough heart to encourage you, when you were going for a new task. Even, Good Friends, will help you choose the topics, you can perform, better. They will give some ideas on the writings, you have already started.

7. Is it the end?

Ok. You have started writing, but none of your family members or friends, were not impressed with your writings. Then, a question will arise in your mind "Am I a writer?" The next minute was the hardest moment in your life. Because, Most of the people will give up their work, as they have failed in their attempt.

But, remember the fact that, no one will be successful in their first attempt. Sometimes, it may take more than 10,000 attempts, to meet success (Think of Thomas Alva Edison, who invented Electric Bulb, with lot more efforts).

If you give up, It may take much more time, to get back on the track. So, Try to think positive, and upgrade yourself with new ideas and thoughts, and try for the second time. If its not second, lets try for the third time, and finally for the nth (no ending) time. Someday, or the other, you will definitely have success.

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I always think in a positive manner. I don't know whether I am a professional writer or not. But, I always want to become a professional writer. I have many ideas to share with. Even, I will never leave my brain empty. When ever, I feel myself empty, I will start reading something new, updating myself with this world.

I just want to make myself, show up my skills to this world. I may be a new person to this profession. But, I will soon learn most of the things here. I don't think, writing is an easy task to do, But, it isn't hard either. If we are perfect in our ideas, we will definitely have some way to expressing our views. Because, Our life was a story, if we were successful to write our story, then there exists no other great writer than him.

Even, I am trying to write my own biography (autobiography). I may be sure, that, I can cover most of the incidents, that has happened in my life. I am thinking of preparing an e-book, which will make this world, to know something about my life. Most of my friends, were not aware of the things, that has happened in my life, after our schooling. It was me, who was aware of the problems and the turns in my life. Let them know the hidden facts of my life, so that they will judge me.

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    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 

      3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      stay connected always

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      3 years ago from INDIA

      Millionaire Tips, thanks for writing in. Yes, daily practice of writing, will improve our writing skills.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      3 years ago from USA

      This is great advice - it helps to start young, and to get lots of practice by writing every day.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      3 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks for reading it again. Hope, you might have like it, that made you read for the second time too.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 

      3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia) very informative points,red it again

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      3 years ago from INDIA

      DDE, thanks for the support. People, who loves reading, will have better writing skills. I agree with your words, that Daily writing improves writer's skills.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      3 years ago from INDIA

      ubrish, Its a good habit, to read articles, Because, it will enable us to learn some more interesting facts around us.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile imageAUTHOR

      Sai Chaitanya 

      3 years ago from INDIA

      askformore lm, I agree with you, that we may not become Shakespeare, But, we have to try as much as we can, to make others realize our importance.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Daily writing can improve writer's skills. You are so right about the reading part. Reading allows for better use of language. thank you for following me.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 

      3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      yes ,I agree if we are good reader,then we will be good writer.

      I always read articles on hubpages daily to improve my writing skills

    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 

      3 years ago

      Thank you for great tips about how to become a writer.

      We might not be Shakespeare, but at least we should do our best.


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