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How to Properly Set Up a Green Tree Frog Tank

Updated on February 10, 2016

Getting started

First, you need a tank. The size depends on how many frogs you want. The most you should have is 2 frogs for every ten gallons. You also need to decide whether you want a water feature or not. It is not needed but can make your tank look better. Once you know the tank you need and have decided if you want a water feature or not, you can move on to the next step

Supplies you need if you don't want a water feature

First you need dirt. You need enough dirt to cover the bottom of the tank. You also need a water bowl. It doesn't have to be big, just big enough to hydrate all of your frogs. Next is either a spray bottle, or a mister. The air needs to be humid in the tank to keep the frogs moist. Now you can think about decorations and plants. If you want to use live plants, get them at your local pet store or someone that specializes in pets because regular stores put dangerous fertilizers in the plants that can harm the frogs. You can also get moss from your local pet store to make your tank look nice and green. Now that you know what you want, you can move on to creating your tank.

Supplies you need if you want a water feature

Read the previous paragraph if you want a water feature as well. You will need those supplies and these ones mentioned in this paragraph. First you will meed more dirt depending on how deep you want your water feature to be. The dirt level needs to be higher than the water level. It will need to cover half of the tank. You will also need a piece of plexiglass that will separate the water from the land portion. It needs to be the size of the width of the tank and as tall of the water level. You also need gravel. It also needs to be able to cover half of the tank. If you want you can also add a waterfall. You just need to make sure you have enough room for the size of waterfall. Last, you need some nontoxic silicone. Now you can move on to creating your tank.

Creating the tank with a water feature

First, put your plexiglass in the middle of the tank and glue it in with silicone. Now put all of the dirt i one side almost filling it to the top of the plexiglass. Now put the water fall in the other side if you got one. Now place the gravel around the waterfall making it so there is a slope up to the land section to allow easy access for the frogs. Now you can place and plants decoration and moss in the land section. Place it as you would like around the land making sure it is safe for them. Now place moss around anywhere you want in the water section and the land section. Now you can put your water in. Turn the waterfall on and you are done. You will need to mist it daily.

Creating the tank without a water feature

First, spread the dirt throughout the tank. place any rocks and decorations in first. Then plant the plants around the tank. Now put and moss in desired places. Place the water bowl somewhere where the frogs have easy access to it.

Getting the animals

You can now purchase the frogs. Try to chose ones that look healthy. Just put them in the tank and let them adjust to their surroundings. It may take a couple of days for them to start eating.

General care

Now you just need to feed them daily with crickets or mealworms. You may also need to clean the tank every once and a while. For more information on care, visit my other article called "How to Care for Green Tree Frogs".


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    • profile image

      bsoelberg 23 months ago

      This was very detailed and helpful! I appreciate that you distinguished between techniques for tanks with a water feature and for tanks without a water feature. It will help me decide if I want to include that. Thanks!