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How to succeed as a Writer

Updated on January 11, 2016
How to succeed as a writer. Things you have to know to be a successful writer in the world of writing.
How to succeed as a writer. Things you have to know to be a successful writer in the world of writing. | Source


Writing must involve serious determination in other to succeed in the field. A writer who gives up easily in writing is likely to fail. In this topic, to be explained is how to attain success as a writer. So many famous authors whose names echo all over the world understood the secret behind attaining success in writing and that is why they are still making it in their writing career. In this piece of write-up, I will be giving you practical ideas on how you will succeed as a writer and never give up easily in as much as you write. The writers being covered here are both online writers (bloggers) and offline writers.

Before further discussion on this topic, who is a writer? According to concise Oxford English Dictionary, a writer is a person who has written a particular text. The dictionary goes further and defined a writer as a person who writes books or articles as a regular occupation. A writer can also be called an author. So, whether a writer or an author, we are still talking about the same person.

Another thing to be taken into consideration is the word “success”. What is success? Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Concise Oxford English Dictionary also defined the word “success” as the attainment of fame, wealth or success status. So, if your aim as a writer is to make money which will be enough for you to sort your challenges out, and at the end of your writing you are able to make it that means you are successful. In fact, the major reason why many writers write on the internet is to make money out of the service they render through giving valuable information to the users. So, any online writer who does not meet up his or her aim for writing is said to be an unsuccessful writer or blogger.

How will I succeed as a Writer?

This is the major question which most writers continued to ask themselves when they found out that what they expected before venturing into writing is not what they are seeing. The truth is that many who are writing on the internet today started writing because they heard that people make money through the internet, but they gave up as they observed that the “big money” they thought they will make was not coming. Some online writers cannot even remember the password to their online website today because they gave up years ago. Whether you are online or offline writer, I am here to give you hope on what you will do to keep the fire burning.

Hence, how to succeed as writer is:

  • Investing for the future;
  • Writing on topics that will succeed in years to come (evergreen);
  • Organizing book launching;
  • Using keyword research; and
  • Backing up your writing with other jobs.

Writing is a means of investment. when you write, you invest for the future time even after your retirement from work and when you do not exist again on the planet earth.
Writing is a means of investment. when you write, you invest for the future time even after your retirement from work and when you do not exist again on the planet earth. | Source

Investing for the Future

Writers should write not for instant and current payment but for future advantages. Writing is like a farmer who cultivates at the beginning of the season and waited till the end of each year to harvest what he cultivated. In the world of writing, do not expect that you will get 80% reward of your written articles or books for the first two years. It takes time before your text becomes popular and people start buying them. It is when the books or articles are being recommended by people who have read them before that you will observe that many will come for them. Writers are “hope practitioners” so you have to be hopeful for the future before you make money through your written works.

Popular world authors like William Shakespeare, Chris Agatha, Barbara Cartland, Steel Daniel, Gilbert Patten, Robert H. Schuller and so many others invested for the future and that is why they are still reaping the fruit of their labour till today. As a writer, if you are not seeing good result from the texts or articles you have written at the present time, just hope for the future and believe that it will yield better result in the time to come. All I have to tell you is to keep writing and be hopeful because you will be paid in the future more than what you expected. If you are an online writer, keep writing more and more topics as you get paid huge in future when you must have accumulated so many articles on your website or blog.

Writing on topics that will succeed in Years to come (evergreen)

Many people who write on the internet write because they want to write without considering the fact that if you need to make money as a blogger, you need to write on niche topics which people will always search for on the internet. If you write any topic without considering this, your article will sink to the bottom without generating high views from internet users. Before you write any topic as an internet writer, ask yourself question on what is the possibility of people searching for information you are writing on.

If you want to make money on the internet through advertising for people’s products, you need to write on evergreen topics. What are evergreen topics? Evergreen topics are topics that will stay on the internet for years without expiration. In the other words, they are topics which last for years to come, yet people still search for them. Examples of such topics are those topics that give tutorials to people and educational ones.

If you are offline writer, you need to write on evergreen topics to make money through your hard work, and books of this kind even sell after the death of the authors. Famous authors whom we hear their names today are dead, yet their work are giving money to their relations because the books are evergreen. If you want to succeed as a writer whether as offline and online writer, write on evergreen topics or titles. News report topics are not evergreen as they die after months or few years. But you can publish news topics if you are consistent in writing.

Organizing book launch will help you write more books as there are many people who  like to willingly support writers financially through launching.
Organizing book launch will help you write more books as there are many people who like to willingly support writers financially through launching. | Source

Organizing Book launching

Please do not ignore this idea in anyway because it is what has kept many writers going till today. If you are an online writer, make sure to make effort to publish any book in hardcopy which will be launched. Making money online today through writing of online articles is becoming tough and one of the ways to absorb the difficulty is by publishing book (s) which will relieve the stress of online writing a little.

When you as a writer publish any book in the hardcopy format, make sure that you organize book launch. Book launching will help you make much profit from your written work. Contact and visit capable hands whom you know can donate money in support of the hard work you have done. Meet the chairman of your book launch and tell him the need of being there (in the launching occasion). If you belong to any organization, it is better to fix the book launch on the day which the organization has event that will attract many people. After launching of the book, you will make much money. Even if the book does not sell much after the launching, the money realized will keep you going.

Amazon Kindle Publish and Amazon Create Space is another option to sell. This has added so many incomes to the world authors. Amazon Kindle Publish allows you to self-publish your books to the whole world. In that platform, you publish your work in Amazon website and whenever people read through your book, you are being paid your royalty (earnings). Amazon Create Space is another arm through which the company allow authors to publish their work and receive their earnings whenever their books are sold. In this platform, the work is printed and supplied to the buyer whenever he demanded for the book.

Using Keyword Research

This concerns only writers that write on the internet. Online writers are sometimes referred to as bloggers. In the world of blogging, some bloggers do better than others because of their ability to make use of keyword research before writing on any topic of their interest on the web.

What is keyword research? Keyword research is situation whereby an online writer or publisher makes some findings on the topic he has in mind to write on to detect the statistics of people that search for such word/topic on monthly basis using a tool called keyword planner. Keyword planner is accessed through the internet. The most popular and used keyword planner is Google Keyword Planner. The tool gives writers ideas on the words people mostly search for on the internet. This idea helps online writers to detect on whether to write on certain topics or not. Any online writer who writes evergreen articles is expected to make use of this tool to get high traffic to his or her blog. It is important point that has made many writers succeed in their online writing.

Backing up your writing with other Jobs

There are two broad categories of writers based on commitment, which are part-time writers and full-time writers. Most full-time writers started as part-time until they got to the level of high sale of their written works. When most writers newly started, they were selling small and this made them support their writing job with other works. It is important to support your writing job with other jobs until you grow, and at that point you make it full-time.


When you succeed as a writer, you become encouraged. See writing as fun and not stressful activity if you want to succeed as a writer. This one of the major factors that will keep you going in that journey until you find yourself in the destination of success. The author explained how to make success as a writer through this channel. Hence, the tips on how to succeed as a writer as discussed by the author are investing for the future, writing on topics that will succeed in years to come (evergreen), organizing book launching, using keyword research, and backing up your writing with other jobs.


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