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How to tell you are a Blogger or Freelancer Confidently?

Updated on February 21, 2017

How to tell you are a Blogger or Freelancer Confidently?

Imagine: You just met someone new in your office, conference or a local grocery store. You introduce yourselves and maybe it’s a new friend in the making. This brief confabulation sounds cool till it comes to the dreaded question - What do you do? Being a blogger, freelancer or a startup owner this can be a difficult question to answer. Often people tend to sum up the answer in a simple, “I own a blog, or I do freelance writing”. While replying to this are you worried about the typical response, blank stares or a worse reaction from the other side. If yes, this happens because unless you have a job of a doctor, chef, teacher, engineer or software professional that people are familiar with, it is likely that people will have no idea about what you do.

Do not lose the hope; I am here to share with you a strategy about introducing yourself as a blogger or freelancer which will leave a long lasting first impression on the one you are communicating with.

Where the biggest secrets to introducing you as a freelancer or blogger lie?

The secret to introducing yourself as a blogger or freelancer lies in “FOCUS”. Yes, stay focused on the value you provide through your work rather than talking about the identity you have given yourself. Try one of the following:

Rather than putting it as, I am a blogger, try, “I own a business which is geared towards helping entrepreneurs with the creative content that offers their business an edge.

If you are a freelance web designer, instead of telling the title, say, “I help businesses build an online presence through web design and consulting services”.

So, it is about setting you apart and telling how your business adds value to the people it serves. It will not only make people remember you more but will deepen your conversation and they will be more interested to know about you.


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