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How to write A+ Essays for school

Updated on April 17, 2016


The introduction of your essay is of the utmost importance regardless of whether it is a research essay or what have you. This section of your essay will need to engage the reader in order to kick the essay off right. The best way to do this is to move from an abstract idea or factoid that is slightly relatable to the context of your thesis and then in one sentence relate that to your thesis. This creates a turn that not only clues your reader into what they will be reading about but injects the introduction with a bit of misdirection which is essential in essay writing. Keeping a trend of this type of misdirection and originality littered throughout your introduction and conclusion paragraphs as well as in your content paragraphs will serve you well and help propel you to getting that A.

Note on Research Essays

Research essays are typically the easiest essays to construct because they are fact heavy so the information is there but you need a way to put it in your own words. Before putting your hands on a keyboard and beginning your essay it is important to uncover the facts about who or what you are writing about and arrange them according to how you want your paper to flow. Arranging information in a certain way will not only help it read better but can also be used as a tool to convey your particular opinion on the matter in a certain way as most research essays will ask you to provide a paragraph with your respective opinion. Research essays can be very tedious and are usually of considerable length compared to other types of essays so it is crucial not to attempt to bang one out the night before its due or the quality is guaranteed to suffer. The problem most writers have with research essays is determining what to put in between each fact. Finesse is not recommended when it comes to research papers due to their expected formality. The main goal after writing g your research paper is to figure out how to make your paper stand out above the rest of the class. This is why your introduction and conclusion are even more crucial for a research paper because that is really your only wiggle room for any kind of creative and original writing.

Vocabulary is key

Critiquing your vocabulary is vital to any kind of essay. Using "outside of the box" vocabulary will give you the largest boost to your grade as most teachers are use to reading the same boring essays where kids use words like bad, good, and the worst one of all "very". Phrases like very bad and very good are like poison to any kind of essay so make sure to use the synonym feature on Microsoft word to help you construct your syntax(sentence structure) with more forceful vocabulary.

Make sure to close each paragraph with a hint to the next paragraph

This is sure to make your essays flow the way you want them to and makes for smooth transitions into each of the content paragraphs of your essays. You want your teacher or the person who is grading your essay to enjoy reading your paper because he or she will surely be tired of reading the essays of the "average Joes."

Writer's block is a very real and ever-present danger

It is not easy to just write non-stop for hours on end you will either run out of things to say or you will become repetitive not only with your vocabulary, but with your sentence beginnings like "Then" or "Additionally" and while it might sound very elementary you need to take breaks when writing essays which means procrastination is not an option. The previous sentence is a run-on sentence and these types of sentences will make your reader cringe and forget about everything you just stated. It is easy to get caught trying to cram an entire idea into one sentence as you are trying to get the thoughts in your head onto paper. I recommend reading each sentence immediately after you have written it to avoid run-on sentences they can be devastating to your grade.

In Conclusion

The key to making your essay into an A is how well you make it stand out. It is important to use synonyms to over-used adjectives that will grip the person grading your paper. Also the structure of your essay is something that your teacher will concentrate on make sure the paper flows according to the idea you wish to convey.


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