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Essay Writing Tips

Updated on August 11, 2012

Welcome to Great Essay

Essays are every students nightmare. But with some guidance essay writing can be great fun as well. Here we deal with some effective tips and techniques to write great and wonderful essays.


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Hints on Writing your Great Essay

General Preparations

One of the great difficulties that people find during essay writing is the lack of matter. They dont easily find something to write about the topic. This is natural as their knowledge and experience is extremely limited. But how to remedy that? The answer lies in reading books as well as by training the power of observation.

Special Preparations

Now we come to the special preparation needed for writing an essay on some particular subject ; and the first thing we must do is to define the subject.

(a)Defining the subject

It is very important for you to understand the topic and have a clear and accurate conception of the topic before you start writing upon it. What exactly it is and what it is not.Some topics are really simple but some want looking into to define them exactly.

(b)Collecting the material

When you have got a clear idea about what the topic asks for then you can move onto the next step which is to think what you can say about it.Some subjects are so simple that a small glance provides with material sufficient for a good essay but some require special research to collect the material. The common habit of beginning to write down without knowing what should be written next is fatal to good essay writing.


As you think about the subject ideas, facts and illustrations will come into your mind but if you dont catch them then you could forget them when they are actually required. So like catching birds that flies by you, write these ideas on a piece of paper as they come into your mind so that you can use them when required.


When you think you have collected enough ideas to write an essay then go through the list of ideas. Think about the topic once again. For example, if your topic is about "Uses of Computer" then you should choose those ideas which describes the different uses of computers and cancel other ones like which discusses the history of computers or how the computer works. Select the most important parts of your essay and give them the importance they deserve.

Logical Arrangement

Now when you have enough material under your belt then it is time to write it down. But logical arrangement has equal importance to the quality of matter. Go through your matter and then divide them in three parts.


Think about the topic. Define it briefly. Make the reader about what the topic deals with. Make the user understand about the topic. Introduction is very important as the first impression is always the most important one. Write an eye catching introduction so that your reader cant pull his eyes before he finishes reading your essay. 


The main part of your essay is the body. The main matter and your ideas goes in this portion. Here is where your matter and ideas become effective. Read your matter once again and then try to merge them in a paragraph or two. This becomes the body section of your essay.


Ending is really important. A bad ending could ruin all of your efforts you did in the introduction and body section and your reader ends disappointed. Ending should not be a large paragraph. It should be brief but beautiful. In short your aim should be to bring a smile on your readers face as soon as he ends reading your essay.


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      Anas Shad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      thanks for your support

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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      fine detailed hub write thanks