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My HubPages Experience,Tips on Writing and A review of the site: From a Non-Native Speaker

Updated on June 2, 2015

How to write Hubs if you are a Non-native speaker?

I loved writing ever since back in my high school days. That was also the time when I found out that that it is one thing that I cannot live without. It's my passion. For me being able to write is an achievement. It makes me feel good.
Then 3 years ago, I stumbled upon websites that were looking for freelance writers.Too bad I didn't meet their qualifications. One of which is being a native speaker, aside from the educational standards that one has to meet. It made me think,, how will I be able to share my passion and develop my skills if I only have limited chances of doing so???I thought that maybe it is best if I should forget about it for the mean time which is what I did and looked for a stable job.But if there is a thing that you really want to do,believe me it will never be gone. You will still have that hunger to do it and that desire to find a venue someday to be just want you want to be.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to online stuffs and social networking.It's the reason that it's only last year that I found out about HubPages.I know it is a bit late but when I saw the website I felt that this is it.Finally I found a venue where I can be myself,where I can write,where a non-native speaker like me has a chance to share to the world our passion. HubPhages gave people like me an equal opportunity to grow and be heard.

Then the worry came.......
I love to write but I admit I am not an excellent wirter. I don't have the portfolio to show that I am articulate enough. I didn't finish a creative writing course or whatsoever and I know I don't have a wide range of vocabulary compared to a native speaker. But all of these weaknesses I have, I turned them into inspirations which helped me to write more and write better each hub that I create.

When I first learned about HubPages,I was hesitant at first.I admit I got scared. But still I signed up.A few weeks ago I published my very first hub and got it featured in the next 3 days. I didn't expect to be getting some feedback about it.Even though I got a low hubscore which is expected for a starter like me but as I go along and I started writing more everything went better for me. My score slowly went up which encouraged me to write more. It was super cool!!


The best thing about Hubpages

I noticed that there are also non-native speakers here.And they are also doing well. Maybe there are a few who are still hesitant like me.But all I can say is this,whatever topic you want to write about ,if you only pour out with what's inside your heart,you can never go wrong.
There will be criticisms along the way but these will be all constructive.These will help you be better at your craft. Never hesitate to write. As long as you are not offending anybody,and you are doing nothing wrong,Go for it!

HubPages is a great venue for everybody.It gives equal opportunities to both aspiring and young writers and professionals.My experience her so far is really good.Every step is a learning process for a newbie like me not just on writing better hubs but on discovering new ideas as well.


people from all walks of life
people from all walks of life | Source
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always create a draft of your articleswrite your heart outVocabulary is a plus. Learn more as you go alongAlways check grammar and spelling.
always create a draft of your articles
always create a draft of your articles | Source
write your heart out
write your heart out | Source
Vocabulary is a plus. Learn more as you go along
Vocabulary is a plus. Learn more as you go along | Source
Always check grammar and spelling.
Always check grammar and spelling. | Source

A few pointers to ponder when writing a HUB

  • Always create a draft before giving it a go. You can do this on a piece of paper like what I always do or on your computer's notepad.
  • Check grammar and spelling before hitting that 'PUBLISH' button.
  • Write about the things you're most passionate about.
  • Be ready for comments after you've published your hub.Make sure to moderate. You will learn from these comments.
  • Explore,follow other authors,read their hubs.It will give you an idea on how to make your next hubs better.
  • Be original. Nothing beats original content and also to avoid copywright issues.
  • When writing about a topic you've researched ,do not forget to acknowledge your sources. It's not professional to earn credits on things you didn't do solely.
  • Write at your own pace.Do not be pressured on others who already published a hundred. They are on HubPages longer than you do.
  • Touch on any topic as long as it's not violating any Hubpages rule.
  • Vocabulary is a plus but if you don't have a wide horizon of it then write with words you're comfortable with.You will eventually discover some new words in the long run. Do not fret about it.

Lastly. write and enjoy writing.Write your heart out. Your passion shows in your hubs.What's the most important thing is the readers can understand you. A hub is a reflection of how passionate you are about your craft.Keep writing!!!


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