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How to write a good educational essay

Updated on February 13, 2016

Writing an essay

What is essay?

Essay is the product of our

  • Reading;
  • Observations;
  • Thinking;and,
  • Practice.

The qualities are likely to be different from essay to essay.All the essays possess some common qualities which i am going to discuss here.

  1. Structure

Essay is an organic whole but not unshaped lump.It is divided into paragraphs of different lengths.

2. Unity;

Essay is like a building which is no doubt,made of individual bricks but eacg brick is not called a "building".It is the unity of bricks which made the building similary every sentence,each paragraph and essay as a whole should have unity.


The idea in essay should not hang loose like gossamer but should be stitched together in a logical sequence.Ideas in essay are interlinked like the links of chain.


A proper portion should be maintained between the various parts of the essay.If the trivial points are unduly stretched and important points unduly economized,the essay will have ill-balance which is disqualification.The main themes should always be kept in mind.

5.Choice of subject;

Choose the topic with which you are throughly acquainted.Understand the subject thoroughly before you start writing.Wrong start will mean wrong essay.

6.Making an outline of your essay;

A haphazard approach would mean confusion and various other flaws in the essay.An outline is like the blue-print of a building.If the essay is not planned well,the execution will also be defective.

7.The Introduction;

Every essay needs an introduction.Introduction is the face of an essay.It should,therefore,be striking and fascinating and must at once arrest the attention of the reader.The modern tendancy is to take a direct plunge into the subject-matter.

8.The Body;

It is the most important portion of the essay.The middle of the essay contains the main discussion on the subject-matter and as such attempts should be made to avoid non-essential materials.

9.The conclusions;

Conclusion flows naturally out of the essay.No hard and fast rules can be prescribed.The end should neither be dramatic nor abrupt but natural.It is the last impression on the reader or the examiner.Be very careful that last impression is not bad.

Essay is an organic whole,hence the beginning,the middle and the end are to be knit together.


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