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How to write a great article

Updated on August 4, 2015

Write and make money

If you love to write and make money from it then you're in luck. In this article I'll give some tips I have learned on writing quality articles. The amount of time and effort you put into writing really shows and is key to making some extra money for doing so.

Before I go into it this will not make you rich quick. You need to have patience before you start to see any results. I like to write here on Hubpages as you can use your own Google adsense account to make money. If you have not joined the Hubpage community yet click here --> Join Hubpages

Tips on writing a great article

1. First decide on your topic

What would you like to write about? It's better if you stick with something you know. Are you a photographer? A car enthusiast? Do you love to cook? It could be anything! It should be something you have a real passion for but you have to have some knowledge of your topic which brings me to my next tip. .

2. Research!

Do some research into your topic, learn all you can. For example I never thought I was any good at writing and didn't know where to start so I searched and learned from other writers, read their articles and now here I am writing myself.

3. Make a good title

The title is important as that it what people see first. It has to grab their attention and bring them to your page to start reading your article. I find people like "How to's" and articles that are informative and that they can relate to.

4. Start writing

Start with a good introduction, you want to make a good impression straight away. The introduction should tell the reader what you are writing about, make it exciting if you can.
Then it's onto the main part, start writing about your topic, make sure it's informative and to the point. Don't make it longer than it has to be.
Finally write up your conclusion, this should just be a re-cap of what you just wrote about, it doesn't have to be too long.

5. Proofread

Make sure there are no grammatical errors and everything makes sense. Is the article appealing enough? Is it easy enough for others to read? Does the format look appealing? Sometimes if articles are too long or all bunched up people will be hesitant so make sure you keep everything neat and easy.

Keep on working on it

Hope the above tips have helped you out with your writing. It certainly helped me when starting out but I know I still need to improve myself. If anyone has any comments or feedback to give please do so :)

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