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How to write your first research paper successfully?

Updated on November 13, 2015

Writing a research paper is not a simple work to do

Writing a research paper is quite a time consuming, painful many might think and in fact quite a hard work in practical. It requires a lot of reading relevant resources, adopting specific study plan and broadening your knowledge and vision of the research topic to really come out with a professional quality good looking and target oriented search paper with strong arguments.

Although there is ample stuff available on the net for guiding on "How to write a good research paper?" that could really help in writing a good paper but I would like to share few simple step by step guide to write a successful research paper. Hopefully that would ease your writing process.

Ponder with the research title. Try to understand the research topic. Read it repeatedly to grasp its ideology. Think what it could mean to others and what it means to you and what it is really is in its own.

Do a brain storming and answer questions like What is the topic about?, what is its history? what are its applications? What are the influences, what are its Pros and Cons and what arguments would you use in favor of paper etc. Just think and write whatever you know about the topic. It could be sometimes only line by line and might even have few paragraph especially if the topic is somewhat already familiar to you.

Turn on your laptop and Search online resources like Google scholar, digital online libraries for books, articles and publications already written on the topic or at least somewhat related to the topic if exact title is not found. Download them and also save the web link case you copied portion of text from any website.

Step 4 is sorting the downloaded material for choosing the best related to your research work. Have a birds eye view of the downloaded material and sort out the most related to your work and strike out unnecessary ones.

Read the sorted out articles one by one and write down main idea and important phrases into your note pad. Add potential references, theories outline to support your paper.

Remember plagiarism is not allowed in research papers and if there is need to repeat any text then you have to provide the link of the author, publication or web link from where the text was copied.

Select the reference style either Harvard, APA, Chicago or MLA or others as recommended by your education institute or article requesting party. Sometimes writer has to read several articles on sub topic to extract the required knowledge so don’t forget to keep refer noted in red font within the idea or inference notes taken from other sources.

Now it is time to write your first draft as that you have enough notes and material ready for this purpose. Sit down on computer. Start with definition, history, objectives, applications, existing theories or arguments, discuss your arguments in favor of your paper. Do not worry about the formatting or order at this level however emphasis should be to maintain the continuity of the paper and try to put all your stuff in paper.

Revise the document, repeat revision, rewrite where needed, add stuff where needed, paraphrase and continue until you are satisfied. Add tables, figures where necessary. The revision process is repeating process until the paper is free of grammatical and syntax errors. It contains all the logic you wanted to convey in your paper. It has all the information that is well referenced and presented in well narrated manner.

Put all the written so far text into proper order. Put your in text in chapters according to its logical place and do the formatting for paper. All titles be formatted for header1 for example and normal text be normal formatted. Add line space to 1.5 for the paragraphs or as required. . Add TOC (Table of content) and references at the end as well. Revise the document to ensure that all the tables and figures are properly shown on pages and the photo/image captions are below the image or diagram and not going to next page instead. Revise the TOC in case you have modified the contents of the paper to ensure that the TOC is most updated. Check the Red lines on words for syntax error and correct those and add to dictionary the words which are needed to be added to your word dictionary. Revise the document several times to ensure that the formatting is done as required and the document is in good formatted shape at the end.

Final step is where you revise the document several times. Check all references added in the document. Run spell check and concentrate on Grammar and syntaxes. Add dedication and shape your research paper into final shape.

So good luck for your research writing.


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