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How writing can solve any problem?

Updated on July 8, 2015

It's now 12:40 pm. I have been through an extremely stressful and long working day, from early morning till very late in the evening. It's over midnight and I still need to wake up early tomorrow, because this stress is going to happen for long. But I am still siting here, writing for this hub. And I feel enjoy doing it. In fact, it is the most joyful thing I have ever done today. I do feel exhausted, but that urge to sit down and write something boosts my energy and mood again.

This is not the first time I do this body-torturing thing: sitting up late at night, despite having to wake up early and work hard tomorrow. I am a person who lives on passion. And I will only work for passion. I believe that life is too short. Blink our eyes, and we see we are 10 years older. Looking back the past, it was just a flash, like it happened yesterday. So, that's why I believe I should live on passion. I will not do anything I hate because I don't want to waste my short life on shit. I will focus on spending my enthusiasm and energy and even health on the things I love, because again, life is too short for us to do what we like. Isn't it the reason of life: enjoy?

Have you ever stayed up late to write because you are so passionate about something?

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A Girl Writing; The Pet Goldfinch- By Henriette Brown
A Girl Writing; The Pet Goldfinch- By Henriette Brown
Writing lets you reflect, think and learn.
Writing lets you reflect, think and learn.

How writing can solve things?

Sorry for the lengthy introduction above, I just wanted to give you the context of how passionate I am for writing. Since I was a teenager, I found writing incredibly helpful. There are numerous kinds of writing: serious topics (like the series of marketing and branding stuff I'm doing), stories, diary and vice versa. When I write about serious topics, I research, think and learn during the writing process. Have you ever found yourself discovering something new thanks to writing it down? I am sure you have. Have you ever found yourself realizing something new about a point of view because you wrote it down? I am sure you have. Every kind of writing gives you a certain purpose. But overall, it is a tool for you to reflect, think and learn. When you write it down, you will be more active in organizing your thoughts, and say less "bull shit" things. Of course, I don't say there aren't "bull shit" when writing down, but there is much less compared to when you talk. When writing this hub, I didn't even think how I am about to organize this or what I am going to say. I just had a problem inside my head, and I know that if I write it down, there will be a solution.

1. A psychological or emotional tension? Writing solves.

I remember back at the times when I was broken-hearted. (I have been broken-hearted for unlimited times, just for your info :v) I discover this wonderful tool: writing, which pulls me up and guides me very effectively. I just thought that talking to somebody would solve these problems, but then I realize I am not a person that finds sharing with others solves those emotional tension. I hate groaning to other people. I find that every time I share with someone my problems, I feel worse. Because all I do is to moan and groan about the problem with them. Whatever the other people will say or advise, there would be no use. Rejection is a psychological reaction when we groan or moan to other people. We just can't accept our weaknesses or even can't accept the other people to think our problem is not a big problem. There is a dilenma, and the only solution to solve emotional tension is yourself!

At the end of the day, it is your emotion. You are the leader of your emotion. If a leader follows the others, the team will not be stable. Your emotion is the team, it will easily jump from one direction to another, because you yourself don't have a clear idea of what you need to do. You really need a reflection of yourself in emotional tension. And the best way to reflect oneself is through writing.

Back to times when I was broken-hearted, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I wrote whenever I felt down. I wrote to note the moment, to note my feelings, to express it. I wrote it as if I wanted to push it out of my body, and flush it on the Internet. I flush it on my personal page, where noone sees. I never do that on my social account, because it looks amateurish, inexperienced and annoying. I don't want to contribute more to the Social Network as a Social Toilet (it already is). Anyway, the writing of reflecting my emotion helps a lot. When I write down, I can somehow become more rationale. As I mentioned, writing helps us to organize the mess in our brain. We can think like a mess, but when writing it down, it is much more structured and exact.

Writing shapes my career path
Writing shapes my career path | Source

Personal experience: a career depression

It was just a few years ago when I had a slight depression about my career. Straightforwardly, I could not find the job I want. I felt unhappy with everything, and felt myself a complete loser.

That was the time when writing affected and raised me up best. I wrote to cheer me up. I wrote to say that I believe in myself. Psychologists call that technique "hypnotic induction", when we try to repeat something over and over again to make us believe it's true. It really works. I wrote in a very definite way about my long-term goal, how successful I will become and what the specific plan is.

Although that was not a happy period, that was where I grew most. It made me feel appreciated for everything I have now: a job I love and a beautiful career placed ahead. It helped me to clarify what I really want to do, and how I will do it. If there was not writing, I would now still struggle losing in the career maze. Writing helps shape my career path. It forces me to plan and think a lot about it.

2. Writing creates ideas

Secondly, writing helps you generate ideas. Even though it is not fastest method (thinking is much faster), it is the most effective one. Writing forces us to focus on the topic, instead of daydreaming. Writing forces us to structure our thoughts, and defines clearly our problems and objectives. I believe finding ideas is not limited to any category, whether it is business or a relationship problem.

The best way to start writing for ideas is to write everything you are thinking of. It sounds like freestyle writing, but when you write things down, things are structured the way they are. Naturally. Scaring that you make mistakes is the most "NO" thing. Keep in mind the objective of writing down for ideas is not to create another Shakespears play, but a piece of trash. Remember that: write down ideas which are just for trash. Play with it, have fun with it. You will be surprised about how no-trash your work can become when you have an easy mind on writing.

Writing generates ideas!
Writing generates ideas! | Source

Personal experience: Advertising brainstorming

I work as an Ad Planner, and the most heavy job is always thinking about positioning and an appropriate value proposition. It defines everything else of the whole process, thus not easy at all. I always find writing down whatever I think generates millions of ideas. From one to another, those ideas link logically in a magical way. I often use a list of questions like "What is", "what if", "how", "why" to lead my thinking. When I start with something, I ask a question, then write an answer. The process just goes on without me being strict on being right or wrong. During this process, I play plenty of roles, in a very objective way. Writing helps me to look at the problems at multiple angles, and provides answers from different viewpoints.

3. Writing inspires

To me, nothing is as inspiring as writing. Writing is to make you look on the brighter side, not to complain. Writing makes you grow up, because you think. The more you think seriously, the faster you become mature in thinking. (People say practice makes perfect.) Even if you copy exactly someone else's work by typing every single word of them, you can also feel inspired by their language.

Not everyday is a good day. Luckily, if you realize how wonderful writing is, you can make everyday a wonderful day. Just like me. When it comes a bad day, I manages to take time (even from my sleep. It's 1:45 am already) to write. Because writing flushes out my bad day. It makes me rethink of the bad day as an opportunity, not a threat. Aren't the best people also the ones who suffer and experience the most? It is a true fact, but ordinary hardly understand. There is nothing as a free lunch in this world, thus if you are not in pain, you cannot and will not gain anything.

Writing helps us to look on the bright side.
Writing helps us to look on the bright side. | Source

I feel happy now that finally, I can come up with some "confession" of my love to writing. This is also the first time that I write such content on this hubpage. I hope you find something useful and relevant. Especially, I hope that I can create some connection to some writing fanatics out there in our hubpages. I am sure there are a lot of you, who are crazy over writing, just like me. Thank you very much for your time and please give me your feedback!

To you, writing inspires you.

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    • profile image

      Mixer Mazzer 

      3 years ago

      Staying up late and coming across this...

    • profile image

      Helen Keller 

      3 years ago

      It's true to any writers...those who think by writing


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