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How Writing Down Your Thoughts Helps in Emotional Healing

Updated on July 10, 2017

If you thought dairy writing was only for introverts, think again ! Psychologists say that journaling or writing down your thoughts is a very beneficial technique. It helps you understand your own mind and thoughts by looking at it from another person’s perspective. Of course it does help you to relieve yourself from pain when you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with. The best part about writing is it helps you connect with your own self and see your thoughts objects. Here is more about writing. Read on.

How writing down thoughts can help you deal with tour problem better

  1. Writing is emotionally healing:
  2. Writing for self motivation:
  3. Writing to discipline your self:
  4. Tips to get started with dairy writing: Mention Anne Frank’s dairy
  5. The joy of creative writing :
  • Many psychotherapists suggest writing down one’s thoughts because when we sit down to write, there is more focus and attention.There is more clarity in writing. When we simply share our thoughts in talking, we might miss out on certain things but not in writing.
  • When you read it after writing, it is like you are reading your own thoughts. This helps you to get an insight and a neutral perspective.
  • You develop objectivity towards your own thoughts. As long as the thoughts were inside your mind, they were subjective. But when they are on paper, they are objective. You have a detached perspective regarding them.
  • You can categorize your thoughts in writing. For example into negative and positive. As problems and solutions. As Rational and irrational. As useful and useless. This helps to understand thoughts better.
  • You can examine your thoughts. You can study them. You can pass a judgment. This is difficult to do otherwise.
  • You might think that if you share thoughts with a friend, you won’t need to write them down. The friend may influence your opinions by his/her opinion. In writing, your examination of your thought will be independent of anyone else.
  • It will be a relief to pour down your mind on paper. Not always you can get a friend to share your feelings with.
  • Psychological researches worldwide show that people who write diaries regularly have a better insight than the others who don’t.
  • Psychotherapists worldwide recommend diary writing as a beneficial practice. Many practitioners ask their patients to write dairies and read them.
  • Writing is an outlet for your emotions. It serves as a channel for the thoughts to come down and settle down.
  • Diary writing is also a way to discipline your mind and body. If you want to inculcate a habit in your daily habit, write in your diary before going to bed. Your mind will absorb the thought and with this repetition of this practice , your mind and body will respond as your desire. This technique can be used for other mental habits like motivation too.
  • Many of us, don’t want to face or talk about traumatic experiences and suffer covertly. Writing about them without inhibition helps you deal with them and overcome them.
  • Write about your fears, what caused them, your weaknesses, your desires, your goals. This is very beneficial for mental health.
  • Write about the things you feel grateful for. List down all the positive things in your life. You will feel mentally rejuvenated and breathing a fresh life.
  • Writing helps you relax. You can picture yourself in a calm and peaceful place of your choice by writing about it. Writing imparts the feelings to your mind and body and helps you calm down.
  • A Book should serve as an axe to the frozen sea inside you : Franz Kafka. Writer Franz Kafka said so and it is so correct. Creative writing is about letting your mind loose and letting it wander exploring your own experiences. It is indeed healing.
  • Studies have shown that even physical wounds heal when people write down about their emotional wounds.
  • Writing is helpful in getting over worry, chronic anxiety and depression.
  • For those who have never written dairy in their life and are facing starting problem, there are few tips to start with. Try writing just one word about the day in your dairy in the night. You can write “ awesome”, “ disappointing” , “active” or any emotion that comes to your mind. Then after a few days, try writing sentences.
  • If you have resolutions for your coming year, jot them down in your dairy. Days or months later you will know much you worked towards goals. This is the best way to track your own progress.
  • Dairy writing is a mode of therapy too. Maintaining a gratitude dairy that is each day writing one thing that you feel grateful for is a great idea. Or you can write one compliment for yourself to self motivate yourself.


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