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Do You Know Me?

Updated on April 10, 2016

You think you know me

but you don’t,

You think you love me

but you can’t,

You act as if you understand me

but you don’t,

You say you care,

but you can’t,

So now we must know

why you can’t just let

me go on and live my

life as I see fit. Instead

you push and you pull

until I feel as if I am

being torn in two pieces.

Until I feel as if my

life shall never, ever

be the same again.

So once again I say

you think you know me

but do you really?

Or are you just


I feel so torn trying

to choose between

what's right and

what's wrong. I have

some telling me things

and some telling another;

but in the end, it is my

choice, and that choice,

is that with you I can

not live. I love you,

but you are not the

one I choose, so in

the end you lose.

So, now do you still

think that you know me???


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    • Victoria Watts profile image

      Vic Watts 2 years ago from Metter, Ga

      I write what I feel when I feel it

    • gracefaith profile image

      gracefaith 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Wow, that has some pretty familiar sentiments in it....