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Short Story:How could you even dream about getting angry at your parents?

Updated on December 21, 2011

How could you get angry?

At your parents?

Something is definitely wrong here so allow me to help you. Tell me in which areas, you have the most problems.

Be reminded that these same types of “demons” and that’s the best name I truly can get for that thing the entity which takes over those who ends up allowing themselves to become possessed to go ahead and act that way . Think children! It should not matter if it’s for a moment, a day of a month. You better have a reason that’s out of this world, or as so many of today’s young people would say: something that’s off the charts! Because you have to be aware of your age, and who made that age possible.

Explain why after all these years, first you are still having issues with your parents, let the world know why something like this could happen between you and your parents, where as you are “Mad” not speaking to them and possibly even want an apology!

You have not as yet come to the understanding that unless your parents have gone completely mad and are running you down with some type of instrument, which can cause bodily harm, after all those years, they did everything to keep you protected! Do you know, that it’s you who was the one born to, the one whose duty it, is to become a specialist, when coming to your parents?

You have been appointed that role even before you came into this world. Ever great leader, every successful person, would tell you about their parents first. They will even make what’s seems bad to you now. That same thing which is getting you mad. They will quickly be ready to explain to you how great that are from their parents.

So what are you mad at, do you care to be unselfish and explain this to me? So I can quickly and graciously with full experience assist you, and for free! Those leaders I am speaking of, their Parents, did not make them a leaders. Their parents played the role that they had been appointed, and they played it well.

Remember, and remember well! Here you are now, possibly made it to a big enough size, maybe even have a job.

Evident that they are strong and wise, they did not commit any abortion, passed a major milestone by today’s standards.

At least not with you and you are here to tell your tale. We don’t know and we won’t ask, but we are sincerely grateful

To be here. I am, and I hope you are also.

So now why? If you are one of those, in all the billions of people on this earth, you are one of those who have selfishly, without any kind of understanding, from yourself or any of the better ones out there, chosen to travel that terrible route? One of those possessed by that demon, like I said. Already riddled with excuses!

Why you are one of those that are acting very selfish, after you have been carefully taken to this stage. You have gotten all the milk, all the movie fares, all the pocket change, all the room and boarding free of charge. All your laundry done, all your dishes washed, all your dinner prepared. Is this the most deserving gift of thanks you possess?

Well here is this. Are you thinking about having any kids of your own? Are you planning on getting old sometime?

Then you had better plan for those kids and leave instructions, from where they must buy that much needed love, respect and admiration? If it’s not inherited from you, Sir / Madam then from whom?

Children are born to grow up and be specialist in the ways of their parents, after which, in one way or another, they will then be laden with all the necessary prerequisites taught, trained and inherited from their parents.

Ask yourself! Where else could it possibly come from, for them to then be able to confidently move forward into this life, with the basic assurance, of their own choice of survival and success?

In matters pertaining to your parents, why any anger, towards them?

If life had took you from your parents from a very early age and placed you in the most difficult situation, assigning you. The most difficult task to complete. Guess what? You would have gone ahead and done it because you had no other choice. At this time you would have been the very best there is at it.

Instead look what life did. It blessed you. Give the same amount of time with your parents, those that loved and cared for you, given you all those great things, I already mentioned.

Now look at what results you are starting to yield. Not even close to the best, but you are ready to:

“Damm the bridge you crossed” “Cut off the hands that feed you” show anger to those that gave you life and gave you all the care you needed to get to this point.

Look at how you repay them and show your gratitude!

Of all the great things that could have happened , what your parents have to look at other great kids and ask where have they gone wrong , or why did God curse them?

What question will you be asking later in like Sir/Madam? What job would you be a specialist at?

Why are you not the greatest son or daughter your parents can ever have?

Why are you not the epitome of what great children are supposed to be?

How can you get angry at your parents?

That’s why I am putting out this request. Because I know how personal this whole thing could become, after some time.

When you have finished hanging up the phone, can’t take it any more. When you have finished slamming the door, walking out leaving them alone, while you are in great rage.

It’s that the absolute best you could do?

It that the way the boss on your job, he gave you reason and you held it in, you found a reason to combat the demons he threw at you. But you found none for your parents. Why is this so? A job where you could easily find another.

Can you ever find or replace your parents, and they did not replace you.

When you have said your piece, when thinking of this. When you will one day come to your true senses, after you have satisfied your foolish unthoughtful ego. Who do you think wins that battle?

Because your reactions have gotten the better of you with your parents,

But not with the job.

Come to me with you questions, because your reactions have just placed you on the other side of the door,

You slammed. Think about your action on the job as opposed to your actions with your parents, at home.

The job works you to the bone; you lived with your parents all your life, even now as you are ready to branch off

On your own. Never had they once ask you to pay some rent, look at your resentment, towards them.

The job pays you a few dollars your parents gave you life, go to the mirror once more, and truly open your eyes.

What manner of human being can grow to treat their parents with no respect, like you are simply?

Waiting only for them to die?

Hope this doesn’t describe you!

Why this anger towards

Your parents?


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      How dear? I am hoping that she have already done the obvious , which is , sincerely dedicate the remainder of her physical life to the experience , that she has volunteered to undertake.

      It's the reason I call any such actions "demonic" Your mother is god's representative for your life!

      This is the reason I can say with such great assurance , that in this life, people don't simply fall sick and die. They have actually gotten sick a very long time ago , but it's only now that they die.Heaven help them, if they knew they were not doing that which is righteous.

      Children "Honor" thy mother and father. You don't have to stay with them , don't have to feel anything in particular towards them , but how foolish can one be?

      To at any time what so ever in your life . The same life given to you by the Most High through your parents, and raise your hands at any one of them?

      There is no language on the face of this earth , to describe the abomination that you have challenged , called down on your self. it's an inward battle , you did this alone , you and yours will face it for generations, unless someone with wisdom comes along and breaks the monotony. It can only be done through the "Most High God!" and his mercies. But with this they are not too many strikes left.

      A sad case Cardisa but there is time , but it has to be sincere understanding and truth.


    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Hi Sky,

      I just dropped in to make a read and post a quick comment.

      I have never really experienced anger towards my parents but my sister inflicted bodily arm on our mom. I don't think we (the other 4 siblings) have quite forgiven her yet.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      It is true and I understand why it happens and why it will always happen .

      Thanks for finally whipping me but I am not embarrassed, I will get to #4 tonight , and tell you more tomorrow about Skye and the hanging.. Lol. Thanks as always Frank.


    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      So sorry about your mom V , but you know what I believe.

      I believe that the Most High God knows best.Just Believe with the wisdom that I know you possess.

      I am even more happy knowing that you have read it through, because your comment comes from someone who understands its meaning.

      Thank you V.

      This piece is not meant to to make anyone feel bad or any ill whatsoever , it's to reflect on our own selves to help insure those attributes that makes better humans are instilled in us . Our parents usually have nothing better in then than to see the very best for us , and it makes me sad and even angry , when I witness what's going on . I am so pleased to know that you understand , even seeing through this strictness , because it's well meant.

      I know you are a great kid .


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      another great Hub sky and it's sad but they say you always hurt the ones you love :)

    • profile image

      V Qisya 6 years ago

      My mom passed away when I was four. My dad has been taking care of my big brothers and me. He sacrificed a lot just to make sure we go to good school and becoming a fine human. He's my everything. I can't deny at times, he treats us like his lil' ones. But, deep inside I knew he loves us all. He's kinda strict. When he says 'NO', he really mean it. We try not to be rude to him. We understand what he's been through.

      Thanks so much, Sky, for putting up this beautiful piece.

      It means a lot to me. Take care.

      Best Wishes, V