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Get good ideas to write about

Updated on October 23, 2014

The main problem

As we all know, the biggest problem a writer can have is lack of "inspiration". We've all been there and we all know how annoying it is not to have any ideas. Allow me to rephrase that : how annoying it is not to have any GOOD ideas.

Mostly, people think they need to start searching on the internet about popular topics, to have up-to-the-minute information about the latest news, gossips, et cetera. Well, these people are wrong. Just like you, there are many people around the world that like what you like and do what you do. Just as you, these people would be interested in reading something about they're favourite sports, hobby's or general interests. So why not write about what YOU like?

Your First Step

Your first step is.. to stop thinking!

Don't overload nor pressure yourself to have ideas. Ideas shall flow to your mind when you less expect it. They take time to come, but when they do, they are usually worthwhile. If you need inspiration a good trick is to watch a film, listen to music or read a book. These are all good because you forget everything else and get "in" the stories or songs, which opens your mind to new things, new possibilities and new ways to see life or look at the world.

Many times you don't even need to know what you're going to write about. An excellent exercise is to just start writing about your surroundings, about things that at first-sight may look foolish: "The birds are singing by the window.""The colour of my pen is a dark blue." These mental exercises may turn out to be great stories or poems. All you need to do is to have imagination, and above all, to practise. Using your "dark blue pen" and "the birds singing by the window",  try developing the story, linking ideas, correcting, re-correcting and writing.

Bottom line: as long as you don't overthink, you'll do fine. Just remember that ideas can come from anything, and that you are writing to yourself about something you like or are interested in. Not for the views, comments, money or anything that doesn't come from your heart.

P.S: I leave you with a song I consider both beautiful and inspiring, as well as two amazing inspirational videos. I strongly advice you to see all of them, they will blow your mind away.

Get inspired.


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